We may or may not know each other yet, but we already have a few things in common. And we are not talking about our beautiful land, with all of its far-stretching horizons and beautiful beaches… (although we share them too) – we are talking about our regulators, legal responsibilities, passion for staying and for keeping other people safe, and, of course, the fact that we would rather donate our money to a good cause than just throw it into the rubbish bin. 

In many cases, where a CoR (Chain of Responsibility) breach occurs, someone, somewhere has to pay the fines – the costs of which can often sum up to thousands of dollars. 

And there you are – locked between a customer who wants everything yesterday, a tired truck driver who just wants to get back home, a scheduler who keeps underestimating travel time and distance on a daily basis, and a truck that is overloaded, poorly load-restrained, or simply not suitable for the roads. And who gets to pay for all of this?… exactly! – It is you! And you don’t only pay in CoR fines… you pay in time, lost product, damaged reputation, upset customers and other ways – all of which, funnily enough, also translate to money. 

‘KIM’ by Kynection offers you a wide range of tools that can help you meet your legal CoR obligations and stay safe.

Our system is designed to ensure that everyone in the transport and logistics chain, all loaders and unloaders, consignors and consignees, packers, loading managers, operators, schedulers, employers and contractors are able to keep compliant by relying on an effective, efficient and reliable system.

With smart workflows for Fatigue, Mass and Maintenance Management, and smart notifications and dashboards – you can forget about ever having to pay another fine.

So, now the question is – what will you do with all the money you save on CoR fines? Using ‘KIM’ does not only help you meet your CoR Legal and Regulatory requirements but helps you stay safe and save money. You could invest it in new assets, new software systems, employees; the options are endless.

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