Safety Practices That Stimulate Collaboration And Initiative

Safety Practices That Stimulate Collaboration And Initiative

Sure, you can never completely eliminate ‘hazards’ from a worksite. But with certain safe work practices you can improve your odds! Safety management is like a game of cricket. Cricket has a unique way of teaching you how to deal with the harshness that comes your way in any given situation. Whether it’s batting, bowling or fielding, you’re going up against some tough competition and there isn’t much room for error!

When it comes to work health and safety there’s no place for error or negligence. Whether you are an employer, employee, contractor or consultant – your responsibilities under the Health and Safety legislation can’t be taken lightly, because the consequences could be extremely painful for both your people and your pocket.This is why Safety Management Systems are so crucial to your business. 

With an efficient Safety Management System, you can report incidents, accidents and near-misses, conduct pre-start checks, complete SWMS and tool-box talks, and even manage your PPE in an easy and accessible way in real time.

What are the most common reasons for being run out in a game? Being slow to act or communicate with your teammates. The same goes with being safe at work – efficient communication is crucial in order to warn against dangers, avoid unsafe practices, promote critical emergency response and learn about the potential hazards at work. 

Kynection’s Safety Management Software ‘KIM’, is the answer to all your compliance needs. Our highly flexible electronic forms module allows you to capture data at a click of the button while also having an easy-to use, centralised database capabilities and workflows that can be mapped out for specific tasks or processes in an efficient manner!  

KIM is a safety management system that puts you in control and allows you to meet your quality objectives! You’ll see exactly what happens and be able to easily get on top of any risks or opportunities – all with an easy online interface for quick updates.Toolbox talks and meetings are the perfect spaces for employees to share ideas, have discussions on how best they can improve their work situations as well as overall company culture. These conversations not only help encourage worker participation but also promote safety management by enhancing communication across departments!

If you are wanting an efficient, effective, and reliable system for safety and risk management within your organisation, it’s time to consider converting paper to glass with a system like KIM.

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