Remove Tension Points Within Your Team to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction with an Invoicing System

Remove Tension Points Within Your Team to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction with an Invoicing System

Score goal after goal with better project initiation and automated paperless invoicing system.

Spreadsheets have become the standard to create complex estimates and quotes, but how effectively does that translate to project execution and client billing? 

Having a capable estimating, quoting and invoicing system that works in harmony with the rest of your business opens up defined pathways that assist your team to meet the primary objectives of your business.

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Once the leadership team and strategy are set, then comes the task of defining the process and chasing success. In a workplace, payment is one way to motivate, but success happens when a team bonds and wants to achieve the set objectives.

When your team is out in the field you need to ensure processes are easy to complete, as they don’t have access to the resources available in an office environment. Without the right systems in place this can become difficult and cause problems for your crew and for your clients.

A well-structured club runs like a machine and uses every available resource it has at its disposal in the most efficient way possible. The culture of the organisation is built on each stakeholder being responsible for success areas and driving towards common goals. If your team has a capable system in place that allows them to work together seamlessly, you’ll kick goals every time.

Once you have built capable processes for  estimating and quoting it’s important to follow up by implementing automated workflows that efficiently create projects and jobs for your crews, simplifying the process of providing relevant information to your team. Through the implementation of an integrated business process, built for your exact business functions you can give your team the tools and confidence to hit client expectations. And the best thing under this automation approach is that your invoicing system  works like the billing machine management has always wanted, reducing errors and improving cashflow. It’s the perfect team approach made for the one fan you want to impress, your paying customer.

Time is such a critical element for field services businesses and when you refine a process, be that sales, marketing, or operations, this allows you to focus your efforts on detail. With a paperless invoicing system your time won’t be taken up chasing information and running around on tasks that have no value.

If you can’t clearly see who is assigned to jobs or tasks within each project it is difficult to manage your time effectively. To ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible you need to be able to manage projects on-the-go from your mobile device or tablet. Paper-based systems don’t allow for the kind of visibility that provides you with immediate information to make critical business decisions wherever you are.

When a team is in flow they are hard to beat. Team selection, game strategy, tactics and fitness all combine to achieve victory. And when the team acts like a unit the strategy is clear and the vision is shared. A win gets your fans onboard and business mimics sports in this way.

With a paperless invoicing system you can create repeatable outcomes that are defined through business rules and customer rates, flowing directly from the quote or tender pricing. This makes it easier to ensure that jobs run to task every time and your team is in sync. Your business will run productively when standard work practices are embedded and more so, when they are digital.

Building a bridge between sales and delivery with automated workflows.

Keeping templated client files inside your CRM to lock in agreed inputs like rate cards or contracted terms helps to provide repeatable client outcomes and ensures that sales and operations work in tandem. With templates in place you can easily streamline processes that previously required significant manual input and reduce the administrative burden on your business.

Clubs that have identified that systems and processes benefit greatly when it comes to the delivery of their products and services for their customers.

Each step of the customer journey will flow smoothly through to the next with automated workflows. There’s no need to burden your team with manually checking where the job or project is up to and adjusting it accordingly. You can easily update progress with the touch of a button and allow the paperless system to do the rest of the work for you and when it all comes together seamlessly to automate your invoicing system money becomes bankable just like fan engagement for established sports franchises.

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Taking the stress out of delivery is easy with a paperless sales, operations, and invoicing system.

So if you want to make sure the team is able to score goals every time, it’s important to put systems in place that will allow them to do so and at Kynection we think business should be asking for one integrated mobile ready system, because that’s what teams like Melbourne Storm and Richmond have in place.

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