Reaching Business Heights Through Innovative Technology with effective ISO implementation

Reaching Business Heights Through Innovative Technology with effective ISO implementation

The Kynection Inspirational Sides of ISO Series

There is a certain stigma surrounding words like ‘compliance’ or acronyms like ‘ISO’ or ‘HSEQ’. These words seem to be historically associated with desks covered with mountains of unsorted paperwork, unnecessarily-long procedures, and work instructions written by people in suits who have never done the job themselves.

Some of you might be laughing in memory, and others may be cringing… but no matter what relationships or management systems you have built, endured or followed in your work life, we have some good news: Compliance is now easier and more reachable than ever before!

In this series of articles, we are going to take you on an amazing journey filled with some truly refreshing and inspiring approaches to the driest and most dreaded – yet most critical sides of every business. We will bring you into the world of the greatest brains in business and will show you how the industry leaders turn tears of boredom into cheers of success… Just like we turn paper to glass… or your working hours into time on the tennis court!

iso with kynection

Wait, what? Yes… you heard right!

At Kynection, we have created KIM, one-system that allows you to manage all of your business operations and compliance duties in a simple, easy and user friendly digital form. 

You no longer need to rely on multiple tools that don’t do the job, or on paper forms that never get submitted on time… One System is all you need! KIM was built with a mobile-first approach that allows you to manage your business from your mobile phone.

It’s intuitive, it’s convenient, it’s efficient, and it saves you time and money! KIM is the best buddy for your organisation’s bottom line!

Imagine this…

Any bit of paper is replaced and controlled with a user-friendly electronic management system, with e-forms that you can easily access and complete using your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Timesheets, equipment maintenance, HR procedures, SWMS, risk assessments, quality control procedures, internal auditing and much more with a click of a button! 

We have achieved our success in the market by creating a modern tool that you can build to your specific needs and has compliance and quality ‘baked in’. No matter your improvement objectives, your company can achieve great success by taking advantage of the work our clients and team have built over 10 years! 

What do we mean by digital?

We mean that any mandatory health and safety requirements, quality assurance procedures, and environmental controls can be moved away from the dusty folders in your office and pushed straight into the palm of your hand – allowing you and your staff to better understand and meet your company management system’s compliance requirements with confidence and ease electronically – In a way which is aligned with the highest international standards of ISO. 

We want you to be more than just paperless… we want to see you paper-free! Because being paper-free means that you have extra time!

compliance iso with kynection

You no longer have to print and hand out copies of procedures, forms, reports, meeting notes or timesheets. You no longer need to ring the office and confirm the things you can’t remember seeing. You no longer have to guess or assume that something is done – because you will KNOW exactly what is going on. KIM, gives you FULL CONTROL. 

When you embed your management system into a live working digital platform like KIM, knowledge becomes power, a power that we are committed to give to you!

So stay tuned, because we are going to take you on a journey where we will include working examples from household names and companies that are extremely successful., companies that understand the principles behind a sound management system.

We will advise and educate you on the many critical steps to certifying a business to ISO HSEQ requirements electronically and paperless! We are going to talk not only about the requirements and the importance of the ISO Standards, but we will also discuss how you can easily reach them paperlessly and seamlessly, by simply streamlining to one-system. And we will give you tips and methods on how to improve every aspect of your business in a modern and innovative way, inspired by the greatest businesses of all time.

You will learn about the benefits of replacing long texts with easy-flowing charts and the benefits of moving from paper to glass. You will learn how ‘less’ can be ‘more’ when it comes to efficient systems and ISO operations, and you will learn how to generate extra time to focus on the important aspects of your role or in your personal life, and how to build an inspired and energetic team that is self-driven and proud of it’s work – A team you can fully manage through your mobile, at home or while you are traveling the world post Corona Restrictions.

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