Put Your Clients in the Driver’s Seat with Self-Serve CRM and Project Management

Put Your Clients in the Driver’s Seat with Self-Serve CRM and Project Management

Stay hydrated throughout the journey if you don’t want to lose your edge. 

When it comes to CRM and project management, paperless is the only way to go. Having data in silos reduces the ability to see what is happening across your business.

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A supercar driver needs to rehydrate after the race to replace fluid losses, especially if there is another the following day. Measuring fluid levels constantly allows performance to be managed and optimised.

In order to keep your clients happy you need to be able to measure performance throughout the customer journey. This will keep you accountable and will ensure that you can deliver to the promised deadlines. If you lose momentum half way through the project then your clients are going to lose confidence in your ability to deliver. This will decrease your chance of seeing repeat business.

How easy is it to track progress with your current business model? Are you still relying on paper files? Think how much easier your job could be by switching to a paperless system for CRM and project management.

Don’t run out of energy before you reach the finish line. Use systems that improve your efficiency, not create a larger administrative burden on your business.

With paperless technology it’s easy to measure performance on the go from a mobile device, tablet, or computer. You can receive updates in real-time to ensure progress is on track and  delegate tasks to your team as required. There’s no need to sort through mountains of paperwork or spreadsheets for the data you need when you can easily search on your database using keywords.

Would you rather keep living in the past, or move into the future so you can win the race?

Create data points that work for your business so it’s easy for everyone to see the finish line.

Having your systems and data in silos isolates the knowledge, so it is difficult to locate the information you need. If all your data is stored separately it’s nearly impossible to be able to find the information you need, when you really need it. 

Imagine if every time a V8 driver got on the track, their team had to take additional “pit stops”  to keep the vehicle on track. It’s unlikely that they would be able to finish the race on a podium finish. Businesses without systems are in the “pits” too often and need to improve their tactics.

The driver will eat recovery snacks after the race such as low fat yogurt, sports drinks, low fat fruit smoothies, ham sandwiches, bananas, water, and reduced fat flavoured milk. They have a system in place that works every time so the driver knows what to do, when to do it, and how to win the race.

A one-system approach can provide you and your clients with the answers you need quickly, because time is money. You can easily track progress in real-time and view deadlines on a mobile device or computer using a paperless CRM and project management system. 

Your recovery is as important as the race itself. Don’t set yourself up for failure by not dedicating the appropriate amount of time to every stage of the customer journey.

As your client approaches the finish line of the customer journey they’ll want to make sure that their money has been put to good use. At this point in the race it’s important to provide them with the information that they need to have confidence in your products and services. You want them to be sure that you can deliver to the same standards every time to ensure that they will keep coming back for more in the future.

Data is a new super fuel. Make data work for your business with one-system for CRM and project management.

Under a one-system approach the data becomes tightly aligned and easily transferable. Understanding every facet of your products and services ensure you can analyse your business more effectively and have much tighter controls.

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Various different point scales are applied to events having one, two, three, or four races, ensuring that a driver will be awarded 300 points for winning all races at any event. Would you rather win one race, or all of them? A championship title is consistency over time, so why not automate your client wins?

WIth a CRM and project management system in place you will have a centralised, digital space for all tasks, files, notes, schedules, and costs. This makes it simple to ensure the project is on track and provide your clients with the updates that they need.

It is easy to manage every stage of the customer journey from start to finish, enabling you to make better business decisions and ensure you see repeat business.

If you want to finish in first place every time, and ensure that your clients do too, invest in a powerful CRM and project management system like Kynection’s one-system. Having the ability to manage your team effectively from wherever you are will give you the power to impress clients every time.

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