Protecting Our Planet Is Easy With a Digital System

Protecting Our Planet Is Easy With a Digital System

Episode Seven

The new Environment Protection Laws bring special requirements for the management of Septic Tanks and other On-Site wastewater management systems. On-site wastewater treatment systems must perform effectively and be well managed to minimise risks to public health and the environment. And to ensure you are able to achieve that you will need to maintain, inspect and monitor your systems. It sounds almost overwhelming on top of everything else you do! How good would it be if there was a tool that managed all your inspection and testing plans, your audits and maintenance routines – and if it also had your contractors and invoicing tools integrated in it? Khm Khm… There is one ONE such SYSTEM!

Over 100,000 marine mammals die annually from plastic pollution – and just as if that wasn’t scary enough – researches suggest that by 2050 47% of people on earth will struggle to access drinking water.
We can all learn a lot from The Beach Boys – our world is there to be cherished, protected and enjoyed.

So let’s listen to the words of The Beach Boys and think how we are going to keep our water pollution free and safe.

Don’t go near the water

Don’t you think it’s sad

What’s happened to the water

Our water’s going bad

Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams

Have all been touched by man

The poison floating out to sea

Now threatens life on land

The Beach Boys, 1971

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With our health and safety software, KIM, you don’t need to worry about anything. KIM allows you to:

  • Train and induct your workforce
  • Manage your jobs, projects, and timesheets
  • Fill out SWMS and manage risks, incidents, hazards, and near-misses
  • Undertake internal audits
  • Complete non-conformity reports
  • Complete pre-start and plant safety reports, daily diaries, and check-in and check-outs
  • Track the location of your vehicle and manage procurement, inventory, and maintenance

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