Project Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Project Management in the Palm of Your Hand

If you are a Project Manager or a business owner the following scenario may sound painfully familiar to you: A client was sold a deal for a certain price. This price took into account time, products, services, resources and due dates. Things like plans, designs, scope and responsibilities have been confirmed and agreed on… Everything was supposed to be on point. What could possibly go wrong? Right? And then things slowly are starting to fall out of place… Employees are late, steps are missed, information is not shared, sites are not ready, contractors don’t show up, purchase orders are not ready, invoices are not paid and so on. And when the “chase” is finally over – you realise that your “catch” is actually not a catch at all – but a loss to your business – as the total amount of time, energy, resources and various waste that went into delivering this project, turned out to be greater than the money paid by the client. 

Having a “chase that is better than the catch,” on the other hand, would mean having a project management process so smooth that you end up not just meeting your project costing targets on point, but actually – earlier and more effectively than planned. And the best thing about it, is that there is actually a system that does it! It’s called ‘ONE SYSTEM’ or ‘KIM’ by Kynection. 

With an effective project management software, you will be more efficient and effective at managing your time.

You’ll be able finish projects on-time, stay within budget all while failing less! They say that success is contagious. And with more projects completed in less time, who could resist? There’s a reason why companies invest heavily into project management software- it works! With project management software, you can get access to all your information in one place. You won’t need multiple tools for every task because it stores everything securely and allows easy sharing with other team members or clients who might require consultation on specific tasks throughout the process.

Project management software is a must for any team that desires to stay together and make sure deadlines don’t slip through the cracks. When projects are well-organised, transparently implemented with clear communication between stakeholders it can lead not only to increased productivity but also happier employees who want nothing more than success from their work environment.

Any business knows that delivering a project on time, within budget, and to the right quality is essential to profitability. But with so many moving parts, it’s often difficult to keep track of costs. That’s where project cost management software comes in. This type of software allows businesses to estimate the cost of different types of projects, track actual costs, and compare them to calculate profit. Project cost management software is used by project managers and project control officers to ensure projects do not exceed estimated costs. By using this software, businesses can increase transparency and visibility into project costs, identify areas of potential cost savings, and make more informed decisions about pricing their products and services. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses that use project cost management software have a clear advantage.

 ‘KIM’ – ‘ONE SYSTEM’ is an intuitive, easy to use Integrated management system (IMS), which has been certified to the International Standards of Safety, Quality and Environment (ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). ‘KIM’ Provides you with Smart Dashboards, Electronic forms (eForms), Reports, integration solutions, Self-Auditing tools, Sales and planning tools and more. 

‘KIM’s Projects Module has everything your Project Management Team will ever need – From Gantt Chart and budgets, to roles, jobs, Milestones, Progress claims, Requests for Information
(RFIs), Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs), Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and much much more. And this module itself, in fact, is only the beginning – Because ‘KIM’ also integrates with MYOB, Xero and any other accounting package of your choice, allows you to easily control and maintain all your assets and equipment in good shape, pay your employees and contractors for the great work they do, monitor your customer’s satisfaction, complete pre-starts, consultation – and pretty much anything else your business needs. Need to track where your staff is at any given time? – Guess what… with ‘KIM’ you can do that too. 

With a system like KIM, that has smooth progress tracking and project costing dashboards – you can have a chase that’s better than the catch – by exceeding  both your customer’s expectations and your planned revenue expectations! 

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