Preventing Environmental Risks with One System

Preventing Environmental Risks with One System

Episode Eleven

The new Environment Protection Act 2017 is focused on the Prevention of Risks rather than just a reaction to them. To us it makes a lot of sense… Why waste your time and resources on putting out fires that shouldn’t have started in the first place? ONE SYSTEM provides you with a complete set of risk prevention, management and compliance tools, that allow you the peace of mind you always wanted.
Recent fires covered over 186,000 km2 and destroyed natural habitats and conservation centres or endangered wildlife. 5,900 buildings were destroyed and at least 34 people were killed by a raging inferno. 

In a country as hot and as prone to fires as Australia – being prepared for environmental risks often means – saving lives.

Australian Rock Band Midnight Oil won its public’s love through passion and won the fight against the mainstream  media. They dared to be different and speak out on important national matters and refused to let go of their principles – and this is how we should all be in our approach to saving nature. Let’s enjoy their words together. 

How can we dance when our earth is turning

How do we sleep while our beds are burning

Four wheels scare the cockatoos

From Kintore East to Yuendemu

The western desert lives and breathes

In forty five degrees”

Midnight Oil, 1987

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With our health and safety software, KIM, you don’t need to worry about anything. KIM allows you to:

  • Train and induct your workforce
  • Manage your jobs, projects, and timesheets
  • Fill out SWMS and manage risks, incidents, hazards, and near-misses
  • Undertake internal audits
  • Complete non-conformity reports
  • Complete pre-start and plant safety reports, daily diaries, and check-in and check-outs
  • Track the location of your vehicle and manage procurement, inventory, and maintenance

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