Plan Your Race Strategy and Increase Profit using the Best Invoicing System made Exclusively for Your Processes

Plan Your Race Strategy and Increase Profit using the Best Invoicing System made Exclusively for Your Processes

When you make it easy to trap the work breakdown of a completed project or job, your next target should be to find the best invoicing system to match.

Once you’ve won the job, the excitement invariably wears off, because you realise it’s time to deliver. Certainty is achieved by writing your script of success before you put your first cut in the ground. Whether that is creating a work breakdown structure and resource allocation for a million dollar project, or defining human and plant resources needed for a dynamic set of customer time slots, it’s important to have the right systems in place within your business.

The V8 supercar driver needs to have a glass of water immediately before the race to stay hydrated. Getting these specifics right is important if you want to win the race.  The same applies in businesses where high labour and materials are needed to deliver on the ground. Specialised service businesses like road laying crews, non destructive digging and pipeline or cable laying companies have lots to lose if they are poorly managed.

When you’re working on complicated projects with lots of moving parts, it’s important that the pricing is accurate, for your client’s sake and your own. Your clients need to be able to see exactly what they are paying for and where their money is going. To lock in delivery in a consistent basis a well defined set of client rate cards can be used to automate agreed pricing and leveraging historical data. This information is stored in a centralised database so it is easy for everyone to access and keep field teams on task. Not only does the system drive the job outcomes including safety expectations, the data trapped can be used with the agreed client rates to provide the best invoicing system possible, one that’s accurate, auto generating and doesn’t need a team of people to create.

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To maintain a V8 supercar, you need to know where to spend your money. Racing teams need all the information they can get hold of  at their fingertips. When it comes time to make critical decisions about the car,  technology plays a critical role in the decision making.

It’s no different in business. When it comes to handling invoices and matching your in field job  completion, don’t let paperwork be your downfall. Ensure accuracy every time by using a paperless system that allows your team to generate money from the palms of their hands by ensuring accurate and reliable billing using the best invoicing system available, ideally one that takes captured data and automatically defines labour, plant, vehicle costs, ad-hoc charges and materials without manual process.

Scheduling resources for the job is easy when you know your budget and equipment availability.

The power to provide key information to your team at the most appropriate time in their daily schedule will ensure that your projects and jobs run smoothly. Scheduling doesn’t need to mean whiteboards filled with confusing schedules anymore. With a centralised database for all of your schedules and access online or on mobile, it’s easy for you and your team to keep track of your crews, equipment, jobs, projects and billing information.

Throughout the race the driver uses an available fluid delivery system to stay hydrated. This could be a hydration backpack or a specialised in-car drinking system. Without the proper processes in place the driver cannot fulfil his duties. The same goes when your team’s are sent out with paper.

To ensure resources are available, you need to be clear of all your moving parts. This starts at the equipment, includes key machinery and staff, materials and on costs like fuel, training and maintenance. Having workflows in place that flow seamlessly from one to the next means that it is easy to see what you’re missing and what’s available when you start a new project or job.

Don’t let a lack of information become a burden on your business. Keep track of your resources, budgets, equipment, and jobs using a paperless system for scheduling and you will naturally create the best invoicing system for your business.

Tracking and managing spending with the best invoicing system.

Keeping track of business spending can be complicated when it’s done across multiple systems and databases that don’t integrate, so when it comes time to invoice information goes missing and profit flies out the window.

Before the event there will be a practice race for the V8 supercars. Race teams are like business and need to be prepared for every race down to the last cent.

In the perfect world, removing paper and poorly connected systems and moving towards a one-system approach would ensure that the team has the right amount of data, continuity, and cheques and balances such that the project or scheduling manager is equipped to succeed. They will easily be able to manage the process from start to finish with automated workflows to make the job much easier when the systems talk.

Practice makes perfect. Procurement and profit requires preparation, so make sure your system is not hindering success.

Information is everything when it comes to job outcomes and with information available within the click of a button, including timesheets, purchase orders, staff competency, and equipment maintenance cycles, an integrated management system is the key to guaranteeing success.

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When you start at the pointy end, asking for money and designing a process to ensure you have the best invoicing system for your business you will find that processes that were previously tedious and complicated become simple. Getting rid of the need for stacks of paperwork reduces the administrative burden on your business and makes it easier for you to focus on your clients and make money or scale.

Start planning for success with paperless technology and you’ll see a profit increase in no time. If your race strategy is spotless then you’re guaranteed to have a good run time and time again and the more you focus on streamlining and managing costs and performance the more podiums you will find yourself on.

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