Paperless Compliance of NHVAS Maintenance in 2019

Paperless Compliance of NHVAS Maintenance in 2019

Last year emerged as the year NHVAS maintenance and its associated responsibilities were escalated in significance, regulators are now preparing legislation to incorporate NHVAS Maintenance into the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regime in 2019.

Heavy vehicle maintenance is constantly being reviewed by fleet managers and achieving the right balance of cost and investment is challenging, while maintaining a profitable operation.  

As a technology provider it’s great to see focus on reducing and even eliminating the in-cab paperwork for all driver functions from industry.  When we analyse fleet operations, we find that even medium (<100 trucks) sized fleets are processing well over 300,000 pieces of paper from the driver each year. 


Delivering a paperless solution requires a great understanding of maintenance and an electronic workflow that simplifies the arduous task associated with; :

  • Pre-start vehicle and trailer checklists, that automatically creates a Defective Maintenance Request (DMR) when items are not validated.
  • Sign on glass driver declaration with workflow processes  to prevent drivers bypassing procedure.
  • Auto raising of DMR’s with associated photographs at any time during a driver shift. 
  • Review any DMR in the past 60 days to confirm repair status
  • Qualified mechanics/technicians can close or raise new DMR’s during repair or servicing activities.

When you are operating a fleet with different heavy vehicle and trailer variations, it is important that the pre-start checklist and fault types are customisable for each piece of equipment. Fleet Operations staff should have immediate access to all the NHVAS Maintenance related information that the driver and maintenance team require to meet all the NHVAS standards and more.  ​One of the greatest challenges a fleet has is the collation and analysis of vast amounts of information ‘Big Data”, especially once NHVAS Maintenance is automated. To this end Kynection has integrated a Business Intelligence platform into our Cloud fleet solution, which provides Dashboard’s and KPI reports for various aspects of fleet asset maintenance.


The NHVAS Maintenance automation process is not complete without the final integration into a Fleet’s ERP or TMS system to avoid more labour intensive data processing duplication.  Our solution is fully compatible with Translogix Sapphire TMS and SAP, with other systems progressively being added.

Paperless NHVAS Maintenance is now a reality and numerous Fleets are benefiting from 100% compliance performance and much improved cost of operations.

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