Optimising Transport Operations with Kynection’s Jobs Module

Optimising Transport Operations with Kynection’s Jobs Module

Efficient management of transport operations is essential for ensuring timely deliveries, customer satisfaction, and optimal utilisation of drivers and fleet. Kynection’s Jobs Module, part of the Kynection Integrated Management (KIM) system, offers a robust solution tailored specifically for the transport sector. By leveraging real-time data integration and intelligent scheduling, this module facilitates dynamic planning and execution of transport jobs, maximising efficiency across the board.

Streamlined Job Workflow

Kynection’s Jobs Module allows transport businesses to configure job workflows based on specific business requirements. The flexibility to create job enquiries, booking forms, and forced shift workflows ensures that every aspect of job management is covered. For example, a job enquiry can lead to a booking form, which then transitions into a job with mandatory completion forms. These forms can range from site diaries and daily dockets to shift reports, all configured to meet health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) requirements.

Key Features:

  • Job Enquiry and Booking Forms: Initiate jobs through detailed enquiry workflows and booking forms.
  • Forced Shift Workflow: Ensure compliance with forced job form completion.
  • Additional Forms: Include mandatory and optional forms to capture all necessary job details.

Intelligent Scheduling for Transport Jobs

The Scheduler Module within KIM allows for the creation of jobs against projects, ensuring forced job completion forms are part of the workflow. This is particularly useful in the transport industry, where multiple linked jobs can be created as part of shift runs, providing a cohesive and organised structure for daily operations.

Features of Intelligent Scheduling:

  • Create Shift Runs: Schedule multiple linked jobs within a single shift run for better resource utilisation.
  • Custom Job Naming: Customise job naming conventions to align with business practices.
  • Define Roles: Assign roles responsible for job completion, ensuring accountability.

Managing HSEQ Requirements and Capturing Project Costs

Compliance with HSEQ requirements is critical in the transport sector. The Jobs Module allows for the first approval of timesheets and the capture of project cost data in the field. This feature allows you to perform all relevant safety and quality checks and track costs accurately.


  • Timesheet Approval: Streamline the approval process for driver timesheets.
  • Project Cost Data: Capture and manage cost data efficiently.
  • Receipt POs in the Field: Manage purchase orders directly from the field.

Efficient Invoicing and Profit/Loss Management

Invoicing in the transport sector can be complex, especially when dealing with multiple jobs. Kynection’s Jobs Module simplifies this process by linking job workflows to catalogue items for easy invoicing. Invoices can be generated based on single job completions or multiple jobs, depending on customer-defined parameters.

Invoicing Features:

  • Single Job or Multi-Job Invoicing: Generate invoices based on individual job completions or batch jobs as per customer requirements.
  • Profit/Loss Tracking: Track the profit and loss for each job upon completion.
  • Linked Jobs Review: Review linked jobs together to get a comprehensive view of total profit and loss.

Enhancing Communication and Notifications

Effective communication is key in managing transport operations. The optional add-ons available with the Jobs Module include complex workflows with integrated purchase orders and SMS notifications to mobile devices. These features ensure that all stakeholders are informed in real-time, reducing the chances of miscommunication and delays.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Additional Completion Forms: Customise job completion forms to meet specific needs.
  • Integrated POs: Streamline the procurement process with integrated purchase orders.
  • SMS Notifications: Keep drivers and staff informed through timely SMS notifications.

The Future of Job Management in Transport

Kynection’s Jobs Module is a powerful tool that optimises transport operations. Its comprehensive features, including intelligent scheduling, HSEQ management, efficient invoicing, and enhanced communication, make it an indispensable asset for transport businesses looking to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. By adopting this technology, transport companies can streamline their workflows, ensure compliance, and ultimately drive better business outcomes.

Implementing Kynection’s Jobs Module in your transport operations will lead to better utilisation of your drivers and fleet, improved job scheduling, and a significant reduction in administrative burdens. This transformation will not only enhance operational efficiency but also pave the way for a more responsive and customer-focused transport service. Moreover, the ability to handle multiple linked jobs in a single shift run ensures that resources are used optimally, and any issues are addressed promptly, leading to a seamless transport operation.

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