One System for Growth

  • Optimise Teamwork by Converting “Paper to Glass”
  • Provide Clients Real-Time Communication
  • Remotely Manage Employees, Suppliers & Subbies
  • Win More Tenders, Bids and Contracts
  • Stand Out in Customer Service
  • End to End Supply Chain Fulfilment

One System for Compliance

  • ISO9001 (Quality), ISO45001 (OHS)
  • and ISO14001 (Environment)
  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
  • Work Health Safety (WHS)
  • Safety Management Systems
  • NHVAS, HCAAP and Dangerous Goods
  • Licensing, Qualifications, Certification & Training
  • Risk Management

One System for Knowledge

  • Automated Data Capture
  • Integration with External Systems
  • Business Intelligence for One Company and Subsidiary Companies
  • Reporting and Analytics Customised to Your Business KPI’s
  • Customer Portal for your Client Self Service
Working Smarter with Kynection

One System for Teams


One System for Assets

IoT, 5G, LTE


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