ONE SYSTEM – The Magic Wand for Supporting your Business through Continuous Improvement

ONE SYSTEM – The Magic Wand for Supporting your Business through Continuous Improvement

The Kynection One System TQM Series

Let’s run a little exercise. Imagine that today you are neither a business owner nor a manager – but you’re on the ground at the cold face, just like Bobby the truck driver, Adam the administrator, or Mary the machine operator.

Let’s see how comfortable your employees really are in their roles and how much the company assists in their day-to-day operations. Try asking yourself these questions:

  1. Would you feel included?
  2. Do you provide the necessary infrastructure, tools, and resources?
  3. Are the infrastructure and tools fit for purpose and aligned with your operational, health, safety, and wellbeing requirements?
  4. Would the working environment be suitable for the work that you’re required to undertake?
  5. Would you feel like the environment is free from the risks of hazards, including psychological impacts? 
  6. Are risks that can’t be eliminated completely kept under control?
  7. Could you confidently believe there are clear processes and systems in place? 
  8. If you were honest would you openly state there are adequate training, induction, and communication processes in place?
  9. Do the training processes ensure competence and share of knowledge?
  10. Are outcomes important to your HSEQ management system being adequately measured and monitored for continuous improvement?
  11. Are your fellow colleagues aware of their rights and responsibilities?
  12. Would you be aware of what is expected and required to fulfil your job?

If you answered in the affirmative across all questions then you obviously have no flaws in your current arrangements at all, so please feel free to skip to our next article on operations, coming next month.

Or, if you have spotted even the smallest opportunity for improvement, then congratulations! Because now we are talking ISO and the easiest way on the planet to implement it! 

We are so pleased you decided to continue reading because ISO is about continuous improvement. It’s an endless cycle of planning, doing, checking, and acting that never ends. It’s a mechanism that allows you to grow and saves you from stagnation. It’s the magic wand that saves you money, grows your profit, improves your quality and customer satisfaction, reduces your injury rates and makes your staff proud to be working for you!

Now is where some of you must be thinking, “why are they using the term magic wand? Are they from another planet? Don’t they know that all these processes require creating, updating, sharing and controlling lots and lots of documentation?” Well, we do. But we also have a special tool that makes it all work like magic!  

Just like a magic wand, one system is ONE tool you can use to create magic in all of your key business processes! And just like Harry Potter your wand can easily fit in your pocket!

The ISO Standard 9001:2015 is highlighting a few key areas on which an organisation can focus if it wishes to support its staff and meet the requirements of clause no. 6. As you have probably gathered by the questions above, a big consideration is given to: 

  • Onboarding
  • Training 
  • Communication 
  • Resources and Infrastructure 
  • Tools and Equipment 
  • Working Environment 
  • Performance Monitoring and more

For many businesses that don’t yet have a magic wand for continuous improvement, this list looks like a sky-high pile of paperwork, lost production time, waste, anxiety, frustration, fiscal losses, incomplete work, customer complaints, safety incidents and more.

Dealing with all these elements feels like it creates: Production delays, miscommunication, increased absenteeism, high staff turnover, poor review and monitoring capabilities, more production defects etc.

It doesn’t matter if your organisation is big and has different teams and departments to address different matters, or if you run a smaller business, where two people look after everything. When it comes to supporting staff, most businesses are likely to face the same challenges.

This includes finding suitable staff, onboarding staff, training staff, paying staff, managing staff, providing tools, infrastructure, resources and equipment, communicating, supervising, reviewing, and more. On top of that, you also have to consider the impacts of any changes on your already existing team and ensure that any transitions and restructures are handled effectively. 

What an absolute NIGHTMARE. Well of course it would be if you did not have a magic wand of continuous improvement at hand.

With KIM one system, continuous improvement and supporting your staff is easy!

Why? Here are some of the things you can do for your staff in KIM One System using your mobile phone:

  • Complete interviews 
  • Assess candidates 
  • Onboard staff 
  • Induct staff 
  • Train Staff
  • Complete training records 
  • Maintain an HR file 
  • Approve Leave applications 
  • Process Timesheets and Payroll
  • Assign Equipment 
  • Allocate Jobs or Projects
  • Complete performance reviews and audits and more

If you feel that your business is running well but just needs the power up by having its own magic wand call Kynection now and we would be only too happy to introduce you to our magic wand KIM One System.

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