Digitise your time tracking and ensure it’s managed in a centralised space.

Let your team members use their mobile devices to record time spent on jobs and projects.  Kynection’s state-of-the-art technology can let your users track time using simple workflows and even lets users start and stop working hours via facial recognition.

  • Timesheets
  • Geo location tagged
  • Check in and out
  • Linked to jobs and projects
  • Shared tablet mode
  • Approval workflows
  • Works offline

Using Kynection’s time and attendance tools, project managers can remain on the pulse of their projects, plus ensure customers are invoiced accordingly.


Managing data with time and attendance software will ensure that timesheets are submitted correctly every time. Simple forced workflows prevent staff from submitting incomplete timesheets and prompt them to enter the required information. It is also possible to start and stop working hours using strong security measures such as facial recognition, security tags or password validation.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and unstandardised systems for managing time.


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