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Revolutionise Your Business' Productivity

Digitise Your Time Tracking and Centralise Your Management

Kynection offers  state-of-the-art technology to help businesses manage their time tracking in one centralised space. This innovative solution lets team members use their mobile devices to record time spent on jobs and projects. It offers simple workflows that enable users to start and stop working hours using facial recognition or geo-fencing technology. With the software's geo-location tagging, check-in and out features, and project linking capabilities, managers can stay on top of their projects and employees and ensure that customers are invoiced correctly.

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Improve Your Time Management with Digital Tracking and Centralisation

  • Digital time tracking increases accuracy, eliminating human error, ensuring accurate records.
  • Centralised time tracking allows for streamlined management, making it easier to manage teams and projects.
  • Mobile time tracking lets team members record their hours from anywhere, making it easy to manage remote teams and offer flexible working arrangements.

Streamline Your Time Tracking with Kynection's Innovative Tools

  • Kynection's time and attendance tools can be customised to match your business needs, ensuring the software works for you.
  • Project managers can monitor employee hours and attendance in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions and plan better.
  • Linked to jobs and projects
  • Kynection's tools automate time tracking and approval workflows, saving time and improving efficiency.

Optimise Time Management with Kynection’s Time Tracking Tools Key Features

  • Mobile device support for time recording
  • Facial recognition for starting and stopping working hours
  • Timesheets linked to jobs and projects
  • Geo-location tagging for timesheets
  • Shared tablet mode for multiple users
  • Approval workflows for timesheets
  • Offline use capability
  • Integrated Management Software for accurate timesheet submission
  • Simple forced workflows to prevent incomplete submissions
  • Strong security measures such as facial recognition, security tags, and password validation
  • Elimination of spreadsheets and unstandardised systems

Move Away from Unstandardised Systems for Managing Time

With Kynection's time and attendance tools, businesses can say goodbye to spreadsheets and unstandardised systems for managing time. This solution simplifies the time tracking process and ensures that businesses remain compliant with labour laws and regulations, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.

It also enables businesses to better manage their staff, track productivity and monitor progress on projects. Standardising time tracking ensures that team members are treated fairly and accurately compensated for their time, which can improve employee satisfaction. With this software,  project managers can efficiently manage their team members and ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively. By eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error you will notice massive improvements in time management, accuracy and overall productivity.

Time and Attendance - Kynection

Simplify Time Tracking with Kynection's Time and Attendance Tools

Kynection's time and attendance tools enable project managers to keep track of their team members' productivity and attendance accurately. With its timesheets feature, integrated management software and approval workflows, businesses can ensure that all timesheets are submitted correctly. The software prevents staff from submitting incomplete timesheets and prompts them to enter the required information. This software also allows for offline use, so team members can log their hours, even without internet access.

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