We can help take the complexity out of Task Management.

Task Management

Kynection offers a task management module that can be used for one-off and recurring tasks that your team undertake.

From a centralised point, team members can be notified in real-time as tasks are delegated to them or when deadlines are approaching.  When the task is opened on their mobile device or laptop, directions can be provided so that work can start without delay.

  • Forced workflows
  • Task management dashboards
  • Reminders
  • Works offline

Tasks can categorised as standalone or they can be categorised as part of new or existing jobs, plus the system has the smarts to tie tasks against contacts (internal or external) and activity types.  Via Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, managers can gain a snapshot of tasks by date, staff, tasklist and project to easily identify which of those are complete, open and overdue.

From a centralised point managers can view tasks by date, staff, task list, or project, and can easily see tasks that are complete, open, or overdue. This module will allow you to set up recurring tasks within the business or one-off tasks that can be tracked to analyse how many hours or minutes were spent on each task, and by which team member.

Let us help you orchestrate your team with ease.


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