Managing speed breaches are an essential part of Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

The Kynection solution gives managers the peace of mind that they are satisfying their CoR obligations in relation to Speed management of their fleets.

Most companies don't manage their speed breach data effectively, which can lead to drivers being unaware of the true extent of their speeding behaviour.This can ultimately lead to a poor safety culture and inadequate speed management. Kynection's speed management software helps organisations identify problems with driver behaviour, reduces incidents, and improves safety management. We can provide you with all the tools you need to stay on top of your speed management, including access to live vehicle data and industry leading reporting capabilities.

Our speed management software provides corrective actionable alerts and reports for posted speed zones and customer selected speed settings. Speed monitoring utilises 1 second GPS speed samples and is validated by ECM speed for greater confidence when discussing speed breaches with drivers.

  • Auditing of any driver speed breaches:
    • 1 second speed analysis leading up to a breach; and
    • Altitude and ECM speed data for validation of speed breaches
  • Archived speed data
  • Email/SMS speed breaches in real time
  • Management of corrective actions with drivers
  • Audio in cabin speed breach alerts for drivers
  • Speed breach reports with corrective actions

Our customers are able to conduct detailed analysis of their speed breaches which clearly shows all posted speed signs, GPS and ECM data as well as altitude so a customer can validate a speed breach. It is important that a transport operator controls its speed management using innovative technology and tools currently available and decide on the corrective action under reasonable steps, including the freedom to use any technology that meets such requirements.

kynection speed management
kynection speed management software

Let us provide you with a powerful auditing tool to examine any sorts of speed breaches.

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