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Speed Management and Real-Time Monitoring

Kynection's speed management system goes beyond traditional measures by offering real-time monitoring capabilities, including email and SMS alerts for speed breaches. This instant notification system ensures that both management and drivers are immediately aware of any incidents, allowing for swift corrective actions. The inclusion of audio alerts in the cabin further reinforces the system's commitment to immediate response, helping to reduce the likelihood of repeated breaches by alerting drivers the moment they exceed speed limits. This proactive approach not only enhances safety but also fosters a culture of accountability and immediate rectification of issues.

Real Time Speed Breach | Kynection

Innovative Alert Systems/Speed Monitoring

  • Real-time email and SMS notifications for immediate awareness of speed breaches.
  • In-cabin audio alerts to instantly inform drivers of speed limit violations, enhancing on-the-spot correction.
  • Speed breach reports that are automatically generated, detailing incidents for managerial review.

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

  • Utilisation of GPS, ECM, and altitude data to validate and analyse speed breaches comprehensively.
  • Detailed reporting that showcases corrective actions taken, facilitating a deeper understanding of each incident.
  • Archival of speed data, allowing for historical analysis and pattern recognition over time.

Tailored Speed Management Strategies

  • Kynection provides a customisable speed management platform, adaptable to various technological needs.
  • Empowers customers with a powerful auditing tool, enabling detailed examination of speed-related incidents for continuous improvement.
  • Management tools for initiating and tracking corrective actions with drivers, ensuring accountability.

Detailed Analysis and Validation Tools

Our customers benefit from an advanced analysis tool that provides a comprehensive overview of speed breaches. This system meticulously records all relevant data, including posted speed signs, GPS, ECM data, and even altitude, enabling a thorough validation process for each incident. Such detailed insights allow transport operators to understand the context of each breach fully, distinguishing between genuine violations and anomalies caused by external factors. This level of detail supports informed decision-making and ensures that corrective actions are both fair and effective, leveraging innovative technology to uphold stringent speed management standards.

Speed Sign Detection | Kynection

Comprehensive Speed Management Solutions

Kynection offers a robust speed management solution designed to equip transport operators with the tools necessary for effective oversight and control. Beyond mere tracking, our software includes archived speed data and comprehensive reports that detail each speed breach alongside the corrective actions taken. This not only aids in immediate issue resolution but also serves as a powerful auditing tool for analysing patterns over time, enhancing overall safety protocols. By providing operators the freedom to utilise any technology that meets their requirements, Kynection supports a customisable approach to speed management, ensuring that each operator can implement the most effective strategies for their specific needs.

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