Kynection offers an integrated in-vehicle camera recording system which can work as a powerful risk management and driver performance tool.

Camera Systems

The HD cameras can be placed on the front, in-cabin and on the side of vehicles which can send live footage back through the system, or provide snippets of the incidents as “G-Force” incidents occur.

  • Recording Integrated with Telematics / ECM Data
  • Front, In-Cabin and Side Cameras
  • Self calibrating Multi Axis G-Force Sensors
  • Harsh Break, Harsh Acceleration and Harsh Turn
  • Contingency Recording on SD (32GB - 128GB) & Cloud-Based Storage
  • Real-time Wireless Video

This technology can also help decrease maintenance through improved improved operator performance and also decrease insurance costs where your team hasn’t been at fault.

Vehicle camera systems are becoming a de-facto norm in the commercial fleet space, and with good reason. While telematics data provides information regarding when and where an incident occurred, augmenting vehicle camera systems with a dashcam has proved to be a game-changer. Using video, fleets can ascertain the exact cause of an accident, exonerate themselves when not at fault and avoid its recurrence in the future through the institution of driver coaching programs.

If something happens on the roads, we can help you see what happened.


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