Specialised technology solutions to manage your safety management requirements.

Kynection has over 10 years' experience in providing state-of-the-art tools to ensure your team can apply best practices in safety and risk management.

For compliance and safety-related documentation, our highly flexible electronic forms module can be used to capture a vast array of data, while also having the benefits of being easy-to-use, being stored in a centralised database and being able to be mapped to required workflows.

  • SWMS
  • JSA
  • Video Incident Camera (in vehicle)
  • Works offline
  • Extensive consulting support available

To assist your drivers out there on the roads, we offer in-vehicle camera (HD) recording systems which can improve safety, assist with driver training, auditing and act as a powerful risk management tool.  Our front, in-Cabin and side devices are integrated with Telematics / Engine Control Module (ECM) data and are designed to be triggered by “G-Force Incidents” such as harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and harsh turning. As a standard, we offer contingency recording on SD cards (32GB - 128GB), while also offer cloud-based storage which can be programmed to give administrators access to real-time footage.

Safety Management

We offer the types of tools that OHS Managers dream of...


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