Specialised technology solutions to manage your safety management requirements.

Kynection has over 10 years' experience in providing state-of-the-art tools to ensure your team can apply best practices in safety and risk management.

For compliance and safety-related documentation, our highly flexible electronic forms module can be used to capture a vast array of data, while also having the benefits of being easy-to-use, being stored in a centralised database and being able to be mapped to required workflows.

  • SWMS
  • JSA
  • Video Incident Camera (in vehicle)
  • Works offline
  • Extensive consulting support available

We can help your business stay on top of their safety management by assisting your drivers out there on the roads.We offer in-vehicle camera (HD) recording systems which can improve safety, assist with driver training, auditing and act as a powerful risk management tool. Our front, in-Cabin and side devices are integrated with Telematics / Engine Control Module (ECM) data and are designed to be triggered by “G-Force Incidents” such as harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and harsh turning, all to ensure you stay on top of your safety management. As a standard, we offer contingency recording on SD cards (32GB - 128GB), while also offer cloud-based storage which can be programmed to give administrators access to real-time footage.

safety management software kynection

Safety should be a top priority for any company, it is crucial to have an effective safety management system in place if you want your business or field operations to run smoothly.By taking an integrated approach to your safety management system, we have seen businesses gain rapid returns on investment and improve their risk rating almost immediately by using mobile applications to channel all data into one place.  By removing layers of administrative process involved with a reliance on “paper”, time can be freed up to strengthen other areas within the business. Managers are also able to make better decisions by having access to Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards which can show data in real-time, making the entire safety management process easier than ever before.

We offer the types of tools that OHS Managers dream of...


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