Use a powerful and robust Risk Management framework in your business.

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In today’s age, risk management plays a key role in preparing your business for success.

Our technology can be used as a key risk management tool to ensure that safety procedures are followed and that key business decisions are made with all due diligence.

  • Risk matrix
  • Risk registers
  • JSA risk registration
  • Contractor Management
  • Contract Management
  • Human Resource procurement
  • Works offline

Linked back to the ISO9001 framework, your team will be able to follow occupational, health and safety (OHS) procedures when submitting job safety analysis (JSA) and safety work methods statements (SWMS).

Our technology also provides clear workflows to follow in relation to contract management to ensure bids are properly examined.

With ONE SYSTEM for risk management, you can ensure your team stays up-to-date with its policies, procedures, and processes. An online system will allow you to record how every risk is managed so that you can learn how to control these risks more effectively across your business.

Through mobile technology and smart applications you can keep a log of all your equipment, so it is easier to track when the equipment was last maintained, where it is located and when the next service is due.

Let us make sure that your business is well placed to survive and thrive.

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