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The Ultimate Solution for Fleet Management & Compliance

Streamline Your Fleet Management with Kynection's EWD

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to tracking driver hours and compliance with safety regulations. That's why Kynection's NHVR approved Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is the perfect solution to help you manage your fleet more effectively. With the ability to capture pre-starts, declarations, and defective maintenance seamlessly, and real-time notifications for odometer, truck, and trailer allocations, our EWD will help you keep your fleet running smoothly. Plus, with dashboard and analytical information available through our web portal, you can get a comprehensive overview of your fleet's compliance with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and wider transport functions.

Pre Start Checklist - EWD - Kynection

Tailored Driver Declarations & Pre-starts

  • Pre-starts, declarations and defective maintenance captured seamlessly
  • Avoid manual data entry with automated workflows
  • Driver maintenance requests
  • Photos
  • Signatures


  • Kynection's EWD is the first in Australia and NHVR approved
  • No need to carry a national work diary with an approved EWD in place
  • Helps track rest breaks and driving times to minimise breaking fatigue laws
  • Real-time voice alerts and rest reminders 
  • Available on Apple and Android 
  • Full offline capability - Works Australia-wide (NHVR complaint with WA & NT regulations)

Fleet Management

  • Dashboard & analytical information available through the web portal for CoR and transport functions
  • Automated CoR including fatigue and maintenance with real-time driver breach alerts with follow up action/insights 
  • Odometer, truck & trailer allocations with real-time notifications
  • Covers vehicle maintenance and utilisation, DMRs, and GPS location tracking 
  • Training, licensing, medical & record management - Providing analytics, insights and reporting 
  • Integration with 3rd party TMS (Timesheets & Equipment records)
  • Covers all rule sets, including Standard and Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)

Keep Track of Your Rest Breaks and Driving Times with EWD

One of the biggest challenges facing drivers today is keeping track of their rest breaks and driving times to comply with fatigue management laws. That's where Kynection's EWD comes in. Our app is designed to make it easy for drivers to keep track of their rest breaks and driving times, so they can minimise their chances of breaking fatigue laws. Plus, with more accurate data rounding to the closest minute, you can get back on the road sooner, saving valuable time. So, throw away your pencil and ruler and let our EWD do the hard work for you.

Electronic Work Diary - Kynection

Q-Safe: Your One-Stop-Shop for Fleet Compliance

When it comes to managing your fleet's compliance, Kynection's Q-Safe has got you covered. Our app includes a range of features such as custom pre-starts, driver declarations, fault reports, photos, signatures, licensing information, and more. With instant equipment and vehicle tracking including vehicle mapping, vehicle maintenance and utilisation, DMRs, GPS location tracking, analytics, insights, and reporting, you can be sure that Q-Safe will cover all your rule sets, including Standard and Basic Fatigue Management (BFM). And with our EWD available on Android and iOS devices, there's no need to purchase a new device - just use the phone in your pocket to keep all your fatigue and CoR records in ONE app. So, give the pen, paper, and ruler the flick and get on the road with Q-Safe.

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