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Optimising Fleet Navigation with HERE Maps

Kynection partners with HERE Maps to offer an advanced mapping solution that ensures efficient navigation for transport fleets. This collaboration brings forth a superior alternative to Google’s mapping platform, providing a rich tapestry of geographical data that is constantly expanding. The platform features a user-friendly interface where HML routes are highlighted, and vehicle restrictions are clearly outlined, making it easy for drivers to plan their journeys. This seamless integration of detailed maps with fleet management requirements underscores the value of Kynection's cloud-based technology in enhancing operational efficiency.

HERE Maps | Kynection

Cutting-Edge Mapping for Fleet Efficiency

  • Superior Data Quality: Kynection's partnership with HERE Maps brings a level of geographical accuracy and detail that surpasses conventional options, directly impacting fleet navigation's efficiency.
  • Intuitive Design for Easy Use: The mapping solution's user-friendly features, such as the simple toggle for HML routes, make complex navigation tasks manageable for drivers of all experience levels.
  • No Extra Costs: The platform's out-of-the-box functionality, free from hidden charges, ensures that businesses can leverage advanced mapping capabilities without unforeseen expenses.

Strategic Compliance and Route Planning

  • Regulatory Recognition: The official recommendation of HERE Maps by NHVR highlights its compliance capabilities and strategic importance for adhering to industry regulations.
  • Advanced Route Customisation: The ability to access detailed data on vehicle restrictions supports precise route planning, ensuring that fleets operate within legal limits.
  • Dependable Mapping Reduces Downtime: The reliability of Kynection's mapping solutions translates to fewer disruptions, optimising fleet uptime and reducing the need for maintenance.

Enhanced Fleet and Asset Management

  • Live Tracking for Immediate Insights: Kynection's platform empowers businesses with real-time tracking of their assets, offering instant visibility into fleet operations.
  • Holistic Operational View: With features for monitoring both asset condition and task management, Kynection facilitates a comprehensive approach to fleet oversight.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: The seamless integration of mapping with asset management tools enables more effective scheduling and utilisation of fleet resources, promoting operational excellence.

Enhanced Road Freight Management

Kynection's mapping platform is specifically designed for the road freight industry, incorporating features like maximum vehicle dimensions and height restrictions directly into its maps. The adoption of HERE Maps by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) as a 'Best Practice' partner further validates the platform's relevance and reliability. Offering this functionality out-of-the-box without additional costs or hidden charges highlights Kynection’s commitment to transparency and value, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking to streamline their heavy vehicle operations.

Track Live Location | Kynection

Comprehensive Maps Management Software

Kynection’s maps management software extends beyond navigation, providing a holistic view of asset location, condition, and task management. This platform facilitates real-time tracking and management of fleet assets, ensuring that businesses have all the necessary information at their fingertips. The integration of reliable maps with asset tracking capabilities allows for efficient scheduling and resource allocation, improving overall operational productivity. Kynection’s approach to maps management exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to optimise fleet management processes, ensuring that assets are utilised effectively and maintenance issues are minimised.

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