Made-for-Transport mapping solutions to efficiency get your fleet from A to B.

HERE Maps has been our partner for many years providing our customers a constantly expanding range of geographical information, as they have always been superior to Google’s mapping platform. Kynection’s cloud-based technology provides our customers with a detailed HML map which includes the following attributes.

  • Highlighted HML routes in red as an overlay (which can be switched on/off with one button)
  • Maximum vehicle length (m)
  • Maximum vehicle GCM (tonnes)
  • Maximum vehicle width (m)
  • Height restrictions are also included (m)

With the recent adoption of HERE Maps by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), it is clear that they are the 'Best Practice' heavy vehicle mapping partner for the road freight industry. Kynection’s mapping platform provides all of this functionality out of the box, with no additional costs or hidden charges for using it. Your employees will love how easy it is to navigate around your fleet on our maps - they're also incredibly reliable which means less maintenance issues down the line.

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