Completing pre-start checklists and reporting defects on a truck, trailer, or asset is now a breeze.

​Dynamic checklists are allocated to a truck or trailer, with no restrictions and all the driver does is bar-code or NFC scan the trailer/s and the correct checklist is automatically presented to the driver.

  • Pre-start vehicle and trailer checklist, that automatically creates a Defective Maintenance Request (DMR) when items are not ticked, that are immediately sent to fleet operations for actioning
  • Sign on glass driver declaration with interlocks to prevent driver bypassing process
  • Raise a DMR with associated photographs at any time during a driver shift
  • Review any DMR in the past 60 days to confirm repair status
  • Qualified mechanics/technicians can close or raise new DMR’s during repair or servicing activities.

In addition, the driver can review all faults raised on that asset for the last 60 days, thus removing the need of the faults book.  A driver can also see if the fault has been closed out and whether actions have been taken.

Maintenance Management

Managing maintenance effectively becomes a critical success factor for the allocation of equipment for time sensitive jobs like freight delivery or into specialised projects like concrete pumping or earthmoving. Without a paperless system for maintenance management it is impossible to ensure your managers are receiving alerts and acting upon critical problems immediately.

It is vital that plant and equipment are maintained at all times to keep your drivers safe and make sure they can get the job done. Without a reliable system for tracking maintenance issues when they occur, there’s no way of knowing when maintenance is required.

Help your guys capture the data and easily address what needs fixing.


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