Track and control your stock from a centralised database.

stock inventory management

Kynection's inventory stock management software makes keeping track of your stock simple. It helps how you track and control your business’ inventory as it is bought, manufactured, stored, and used. It governs the entire flow of goods — from purchasing right through to sale — ensuring that you always have the right quantities of the right item in the right location at the right time.

  • Manage stock and inventory levels
  • Allocate stock to individuals, equipment, or warehouses
  • Update Stock On Hand (SOH) via reports
  • View allocation history for each stock item
  • Scan barcodes to add, transfer, and remove stock
  • Create notifications for various stock level alerts

Inventory management works by tracking products, components and ingredients across suppliers, stock on hand, production and sales to ensure that stock is used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Inventory stock management is the backbone of your business and an essential function for any company, large or small. But when it comes to tracking sales, manufacturing, purchase quantities and locations, the process can be tedious at best. Whether you're ordering goods from vendors across the globe or manufacturing such complex items as automobiles on a production line floor, this powerful system governing the entire flow of goods has everything you need in one integrated toolset to maintain constant control over your inventories' value. It means less time frantically checking spreadsheets and logs for missed transactions while keeping up with changing trends so you don't miss out on key opportunities.

stock control management

Keep a running tab on all your inventories and make strategic decisions with a swipe of a finger!

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