Human Resources

Ensure your staff's skills and qualifications are up to date

Our technology helps manage the entire employee lifecycle, with modules for recruiting, onboarding, payroll, time and attendance, performance review and more.  The platform also allows HR professionals and managers to track organisational data such as employee turnover and retention.

With the assistance of KIMs comprehensive and highly configurable system, you’ll be able to enhance employee management, monitoring and matching their qualifications and competency levels to required roles, jobs or projects. Employees can be managed in one centralised space and managers can be assured that documentation is up to date and submitted by the workers, with reminders in place to ensure that nothing is missed. The training matrix also alerts  administration if an employee is lacking a required qualification or has outdated accreditation, ensuring compliance on the worksite.

KIM's advanced system not only enhances employee management by monitoring their qualifications and competency levels, but also enables Project-based Inductions and training licenses, tailored to specific projects. These licenses are linked to the scheduler, ensuring that the right personnel are allocated to the right job.

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  • Ensure staff's skills and qualifications are up-to-date through KIM's employee management system.
  • KIM's training matrix alerts administration if an employee is lacking a required qualification or has outdated accreditation, ensuring compliance on the worksite.
  • KIM allows for the centralisation of employee management, ensuring documentation is up-to-date and submitted by workers.
  • Inductions are made easier through KIM's customisable platform with reminders in place to ensure nothing is missed.

Performance Management

  • KIM's technology helps manage the entire employee lifecycle, recruitment through to  performance review.
  • HR professionals and managers can track organisational data such as employee turnover and retention through KIM's platform.
  • KIM combines staff utilisation rate percentages with optimal scheduling for higher productivity.
  • KIM's platform automatically fills in key payroll information such as penalty rates and  allowances, avoiding costly mistakes and reducing admin work.
  • KIM's system can sync award interpretations and timesheets and leave directly with payroll software, ensuring compliance and accommodating all allowances, penalties, or accruals automatically.

Capture Time and Attendance

  • Capture time and attendance activities with multiple input options
  • Timesheets
  • Job Completion forms
  • Geo location tagged
  • Linked to jobs and projects
  • Shared tablet mode
  • Approval workflows
  • Works offline

Optimise Your Staff's Time and Leave

Optimise Your Staff's Time and Leave Management with Accurate Timesheet Logging, Centralised Leave Request Tracking, and Efficient Staff Scheduling. With Kynection’s HR Module you can be assured that your staff’s hours are logged accurately with multiple input options, while keeping in-line with Contract Agreements (Collective or Individual). Being fully customisable, you’ll be able to configure  public holidays, RDO’s or any special events and populate them across the entirety of your workforce or defined groups, with leave requests and entitlements trackable in one centralised space. Using both our web browser and mobile application, submitting a leave request has never been easier! KIM automatically evaluates leave entitlements, guaranteeing employee requests for ‘time off’ match up precisely with their allocated days.

KIM also strives to increase efficiency and job satisfaction by combining staff utilisation rate percentages with optimal scheduling. When combined, this ensures higher productivity across the board. With this in mind, everyone stands to benefit from improved overall results!

Timesheet data can also be used for project costings, with the ability for a ‘Single Source of Truth’ to allow multiple systems pull-throughs, so no double handling of data entry!

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Automate Payroll and Ensure Compliance with KIM’s Award Based System

With KIM you’ll be able to automate payroll through timesheet approvals with simple Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA’s) and allowance configurations. Kynection ensures the process of being compliant with your award interpretation is as simple as possible. Our award interpretation can handle any configuration - no matter how complicated or difficult it may be, we've got you covered! 

You'll not only save valuable time but also avoid costly mistakes throughout your organisation.  Automatically fill in key information, such as penalty rates and overtime pay, so it's always available for your employees without any hassle or confusion on their end. The Kynection award system can also upload predefined awards to default configuration.

Our system KIM, can help reduce your admin work by syncing award interpretations and timesheets directly with your payroll software from Kynection. Automating payroll calculation is the most efficient way to ensure compliance, reduce risk and accommodate all of your allowances, penalties or accruals automatically.  No matter what award level you are on, it is critical to stay on top of the latest changes that are inline with Fair Work, which is why we constantly review and update awards to keep you up-to-date.

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