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Innovative Fatigue Management with Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

Our Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is at the forefront of managing driver fatigue, marking a significant advancement in the transportation industry's approach to safety and compliance. As the pioneering EWD in Australia, now in its third iteration, it offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring standard hours and NHVAS Fatigue (BFM & AFM). The EWD's simple-to-use interface, combined with audio and visual alerts, ensures drivers are constantly aware of their rest requirements and any potential fatigue breaches. These breaches are immediately communicated to the operations team for swift corrective measures. With features like sign-on-glass runsheets, tamper-proof work/rest events, and driver documentation management, the EWD acts like a continuous auditor, checking all fatigue rules every 15 minutes to maintain compliance with CoR and NHVAS Fatigue standards.


Q-EWD - Revolutionising Driver Work Diaries

  • Modern Interface: Q-EWD offers the best user interface, voted by drivers. It features a 'Destruction Free Driving' mode, particularly useful for night driving, minimising distractions.
  • Digital Transformation: Replace traditional Written Work Diaries (WWD) with Q-EWD, eliminating the need for manual entries with pencils and rulers.
  • Precision and Efficiency: Our EWD app not only tracks your rest breaks and driving times but does so with minute-by-minute accuracy, allowing drivers to optimise their schedules and comply with fatigue laws seamlessly.

BFM & AFM - Advanced Fatigue Management Solutions

  • Rule Set Coverage: Our solutions cater to all rule sets including Standard, Basic Fatigue Management (BFM), and Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM), ensuring comprehensive compliance for different operational needs.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: With continuous checks on fatigue rules and real-time alerts for potential breaches, our systems act as a vigilant guardian against fatigue-related risks.
  • Driver-Centric Technology: Emphasising driver convenience, our systems are designed for easy use, providing clear guidance on rest requirements and driving schedules, thus reducing the cognitive load on drivers.

Q-START & Q-SAFE - Complete Fatigue Planning and Compliance

  • Effortless Planning with Q-Start: Plan your journey with Q-Start, our intuitive fatigue planner tool. It simplifies managing rest and driving times, ensuring compliance with your fatigue scheme.
  • All-In-One Safety with Q-Safe: Combining the strengths of Q-Start and Q-Safe, we offer a comprehensive safety package from journey start to finish, ensuring peace of mind with full compliance.
  • Convenient and Compatible: Available on both Android and iOS devices, our solutions fit seamlessly into your existing technology ecosystem, allowing you to use your current devices without additional investments.

Eliminating Paperwork with Mobile Technology

Our approach to fatigue management transcends traditional methods by embracing mobile technology to streamline operations. By deploying reliable Android, Windows, or iOS-based mobile platforms alongside Cloud-based software solutions, we virtually eliminate NHVAS Fatigue-related paperwork. This modernisation enables real-time fatigue monitoring, significantly reducing the administrative burden and enhancing the efficiency of fleet operations. Our EWD solutions, accessible via mobile devices, allow drivers to focus on their journey without the hassle of manual record-keeping. With Q-EWD, drivers enjoy an intuitive user interface and the convenience of digital work diaries, making compliance easier than ever.

Electronic Work Diary - Kynection

Comprehensive Fatigue Planning and Compliance Tools

We are dedicated to simplifying fatigue management with tools like Q-Start and Q-Safe, designed to assist drivers from the beginning to the end of their journey. Q-Start, our fatigue planner tool, enables drivers to effectively plan rest breaks in accordance with fatigue schemes, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. On the other hand, Q-Safe offers a holistic safety package that includes features such as custom prestarts, fault reports, and licensing information, covering all rule sets for standard and basic fatigue management. These tools, available on Android and iOS devices, provide a seamless experience for managing fatigue and compliance, allowing drivers to concentrate on safe driving practices without the stress of paperwork or the risk of fatigue-related incidents.

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