Our fully integrated Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is the core of fatigue management for both Standard hours and NHVAS Fatigue BFM.

As the first fully functional EWD in Australia and now in its third generation, it provides all the calculations and reminders to the driver for rest breaks, and alerts as well as any of the possible fatigue breaches which are sent to the operations area in real time for corrective action.

  • Simple-to-use interface to log work and rest hours
  • Audio and visual alerts to avoid fatigue breaches
  • Sign on glass runsheets and driver declarations
  • Tamper proof work/rest events
  • Driver documentation management
  • Fatigue breach alert workflows
  • Real time availability view for allocators

Our EWD undertakes a complete check of all fatigue rules every 15 minutes, so it is like having a full time auditor to ensure you are meeting CoR and NHVAS Fatigue.

Fatigue Management

In order to stay on top of your fatigue management, we believe that it is critical that transport operators manage their drivers using innovative technology and tools currently available and decide on the corrective action under reasonable steps – including the freedom to use any technology or smartphone apps that meet their needs.

Our solution to this pervasive paper problem is to deploy into the truck reliable Android, Windows or IOS (6.5/8/10) based enterprise mobile platforms and Cloud based software solutions to eliminate almost all NHVAS Fatigue related paperwork, and provide fleet operations with real time fatigue checking.


Let us help your drivers - and free up your back office!

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