Let our technology streamline the process of conducting audits on internal and external stakeholders.

Kynection can provide feature-rich electronic data capture tools that can help your teams conducting audits using mobile devices and laptops.  We can help you build a system that is ISO 45001 compliant and lets you manage auditing both on and off site.

  • Hazard identification
  • Custom audits
  • Custom dashboards
  • Automatic reminders
  • Structured workflows
  • Forced workflows
  • Custom workflows
  • Works offline

Build your own audit forms in seconds and share them with your team in the field which will be much more than just checklists.  Our technology will let you identify inspection trends across your whole company and advanced analytics can provide reporting on performance across your teams wherever they’re located. All digital audits are synced so you can pull reports from anywhere at anytime.

It’s time to simplify the process of running audits throughout your organisation.


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