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Proactive Decision Making with Asset Management Dashboards

To facilitate proactive decision-making, our Asset Management technology provides comprehensive dashboards that offer valuable insights into your asset portfolio. These dashboards enable management teams to take a proactive approach towards cost analysis, legacy architecture streamlining, and eliminating duplicative or outdated assets.

By utilising asset management dashboards, you can gain a holistic view of your assets' locations, performance, and maintenance history. This visibility allows you to make informed decisions about resource allocation, replacement strategies, and overall asset utilisation. With the ability to identify real-time defects that require urgent attention, you can address maintenance issues promptly, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and improving operational efficiency.

Moreover, these dashboards enable you to streamline legacy architecture by identifying redundancies and optimising asset usage. By eliminating duplicative assets and phasing out outdated systems, you can reduce operational costs and maximise the value of your asset

Asset Management Dashboard | Kynection

GPS Tracking

  • Assets GPS Mapping
  • NFC (Tap2Action)
  • QR codes
  • Barcoding¬†
  • Works offline
  • Ensures accurate asset location tracking in real time


  • Asset Management Dashboards
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Warranty Expiries
  • Maintaining Accreditations
  • Real-time defect notifications enable prompt action and minimise downtime

Paperless Systems

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and automates workflows.
  • Ensures accurate asset location tracking in real time.
  • Verifies operator qualifications and licenses seamlessly.
  • Access past servicing history and stay informed about scheduled maintenance.
  • Automate data collection for efficient reporting of fuel tax credits.
  • Enhances asset utilisation and productivity through streamlined workflows.
  • Mitigates safety risks and maintains accreditations with centralised information

Paperless Systems for Efficient Asset Management

Implementing a paperless asset management system is crucial for businesses that want to optimise their operations and improve efficiency. Without such a system, organisations are left flying blind when it comes to key aspects of asset management. A paperless approach ensures accurate and real-time information about asset location, operator qualifications and licenses, scheduled maintenance, service history, defects requiring immediate attention, fuel tax credit data, asset utilisation, and productivity.

By automating data collection and workflows, paperless systems eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. With technology-driven solutions, data can be automatically populated, providing up-to-date and accurate information that is accessible whenever needed. This streamlines processes, allowing managers to make informed decisions and take immediate action, leading to improved asset performance and operational effectiveness.

A paperless asset management system also enables centralised storage and retrieval of asset-related information, making it easily accessible to authorised personnel. This ensures that the right information is available to the right people at the right time, facilitating collaboration, task assignment, and overall coordination within the organisation.

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Streamlined Workflows for Effective Asset Management

Asset Management technology has revolutionised the way managers handle maintenance, delegation, and asset utilisation. At Kynection, we offer a state-of-the-art solution that combines the latest advancements in GPS, mobile technology, RFID (NFC tags), QR codes, and barcoding to provide managers with structured workflows for seamless asset management. Our system simplifies complex processes, ensuring that you can efficiently manage your assets while optimising their performance.

With our NFC (Tap2Action) feature, accessing asset information has never been easier. By simply tapping your mobile device against NFC tags placed on assets, you can instantly retrieve relevant details, eliminating the need for manual searches or paperwork. This not only saves time but also ensures that accurate information is readily available, enabling better decision-making and streamlined workflows.

Scheduled maintenance is a critical aspect of asset management, and our solution excels in this area. Our system allows you to easily program and track maintenance tasks, ensuring that they are performed on time and according to schedule. By automating maintenance reminders and notifications, you can prevent unnecessary downtime, prolong asset lifespan, and maintain optimal performance levels. Additionally, forced workflows can be applied to manage issues effectively and assign tasks to the appropriate team members, ensuring a coordinated and efficient approach to problem-solving.

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