Our Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is a paperless work diary at the core of fatigue management.

As the first EWD in Australia, Kynection's paperless work diary allows you to manage risks more effectively to improve the sfaety of your drivers and others on the road. There's no need to carry a national work diary with you on the road with an EWD in place, saving you the costs of purchasing and storing paper diaries.

  • Access real-time fatigue data and analyse the incidents instantly rather than several weeks afterwards, allowing fleet operators to schedule jobs more safely and more efficiently
  • Schedule jobs safely and efficiently to avoid breaches with live access to your drivers’ hours
  • Gain visibility over your entire fleet with the capability to audit your drivers while they’re on the road
  • Ensure your drivers are compliant with tamper proof work and rest events, as well as audio and visual breach alerts
  • Forced sign-offs mean that drivers won’t be able to submit time logs unless the information is all correct

Avoid the need for manual data entry with automated workflows that are fully electronic and reviewable by the operations team.


Don’t get fined for paperwork mistakes. EWDs are easy to fill out.

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