Meet KIM the Business Utility Belt

Meet KIM the Business Utility Belt

The ‘Mother’ of the Hindu universe is called Durga or ‘Mahisasuramardini’ – the goddess with many hands. Durga is one of the most popular and most worshiped deities in Hinduism.
Durga has ten hands that represent ten Gunas (qualities) – and in each hand she holds a tool (a weapon of war) that also has a very deep philosophical meaning. 

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find time to juggle all your tasks and responsibilities. But imagine if you had ten hands and an amazing task management tool at your disposal? It’d make life so much easier!

In reality, the repetition of any task can result in a certain amount of wear and tear on our mind and body, which can negatively impact our wellbeing and quality of life. However the authors of sacred scriptures never talk about these human pains do they? 

You never hear about repetitive strain injuries of heroes and compensation claims processed by different gods… it just doesn’t happen in mythological stories. Yet it does happen to us in the modern day world.

As modern day Durgas we also face our battles and deal with challenges as we arm ourselves for the challenges of running and maintaining our unique businesses. What might have been a sword for the Durga has been replaced with mobile phones, tablets, cloud services, automation and a variety of technological improvements. 

We have so many modern day “enemies” in business that require a tonne of resolutions and the right application to keep positive:

  • Pandemics 
  • Bad reviews 
  • Competition 
  • High injury rate 
  • Poor product and service quality 
  • Incompetent staff 
  • High staff turn-over 
  • Market fluctuations 
  • Shortage of supplies 
  • Running cost increase 
  • Malfunctioning of machines and equipment 
  • Unforeseen emergencies
  • Staff failing to adhere to procedures & instructions etc. 

So if for a minute, you had ten hands and could choose any range of weapons to respond to these modern day enemies, what would you arm yourself with? How would you defend yourself and your business against the impacts?

Now, you may think to yourself “My business is not about battling… I did not create this business to fight wars…” But you did take on some hardships to build and grow, and you are fighting a daily battle to keep running and making a profit. Maybe you are even pushing to win awards and competitions? In reality even training your staff how to use a new piece of equipment or technology can be a battle. 

While the real Durga certainly is the ultimate warrior with her ten capable hands, as a business owner with only two hands, we think you need a reliable and effective utility belt, capable of carrying all the tools you may require to win your daily “business battles” – be it tenders, new sales, competent staff, audits, investigations, legal changes and more. 

Here at Kynection we have developed the perfect utility belt! It’s light enough to be carried with one hand and small enough that it can easily fit into your pocket. It’s universal enough to cover any organisation, yet it is customiseable and tailored just for you!

KIM by Kynection provides you with a variety of tools that the deities of the past could only dream of – yet it’s not a myth – it’s as real as the argument about pineapple on pizza and as phenomenal for a business as perhaps oxygen for us humans… (or close enough anyway). 

KIM provides you with risk management tools that help you minimise and prevent injuries in the workplace. Through digital SWMS, Training, SOPs and PPE and incident registers you can be on top of it all. KIM has a comprehensive and fully ISO Certified range of forced-workflows, policies and procedures that will be available to your staff from anywhere at any time. KIM is also customer focused and allows you to ensure that customer satisfaction is met to the highest standard. 

KIM is digital – you can make a huge difference to the environment by adopting it and moving from paper to glass. KIM is a human resources management software that allows you to manage HR, payroll, audits, timesheets, inventory, assets, equipment, maintenance, projects, invoicing and much more.

ONE SYSTEM, ONE password, ONE Utility belt! And best of all Kynection have built these belts for hundreds of customers across Australia and New Zealand.

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