Maneuver Your Business on the Road as Efficiently as the Crew Dragon with Automated Job Scheduling

Maneuver Your Business on the Road as Efficiently as the Crew Dragon with Automated Job Scheduling

Don’t make daily tasks as complex as the rocket of a SpaceX spacecraft. Simplify tasks and job scheduling for your drivers by using one-system.

When tasks are created that are complex for your drivers as part of job scheduling it will often receive swift and immediate pushback. Routines can become very commonplace on the road and it is hard to shift habits that have become the norm.  Working across multiple platforms, databases, or systems will only create more issues and complications in the long-run though. If you want to reduce stressors and increase optimal outcomes, you need to minimise the cognitive load on your team. Make the task simpler and see immediate results.

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Only a few seconds after the first stage separation, the SpaceX rocket’s second stage will fire its engine for about six minutes. That sounds like a logistics challenge so when you’re running your vehicle, don’t make the task more complex than it already is, by adding cumbersome and repetitive paperwork into the mix.

If you talk to your workforce about their goals and objectives, and how their jobs could be simpler, you will probably receive responses similar to those below:

  • “Why do I have to enter the same things twice”
  • “There are too many applications”
  • “The form is too long and repetitive”
  • “There’s no way I can manage all those things at once”
  • “Why can’t I have one simple interface”

Having one simple interface is the only way to ensure job scheduling is easy, efficient, and accurate every time. With SMS notifications, drag-and-drop scheduling, and easy access to the qualifications required for the job, it has never been easy to schedule work, so long as you have one-system in place

The Crew Dragon spacecraft will separate from the rocket’s second stage which is no mean feat. Complexity is reduced thanks to modern technology. You can ensure your jobs transition just as smoothly and seamlessly as a spaceship with the right systems in place.

Providing a single, modern interface for job scheduling that is simple to use and is designed to shorten processes will greatly benefit your business. Why rely on multiple systems that don’t interact when you can keep everything in one place?

Can you maneuver your business as efficiently as the Crew Dragon? Dealing with changes in a fast-paced work environment can be simpler with automated job scheduling.

In a fast-paced environment last-minute changes can turn a day upside down. Whether that’s a vehicle being stood down, unpredictable weather conditions, or customers changing their minds, you need to be able to manage these factors with ease.

The Crew Dragon will perform a series of phasing maneuvers to gradually approach and autonomously dock with the International Space Station (ISS). When you’re working in a fast-paced environment, details need to be accurate, and relevant for spaceship commanders, which is the same for transport managers putting trucks on the road.

Using a paper-based system it’s almost impossible to handle last-minute changes. Sorting through paperwork and trying to reschedule or make changes to the job is a hassle and creates a burden on your business any time ad-hoc changes occur. This will have a negative impact on your business and on your clients.

The phasing burn will raise the Crew Dragon’s altitude to the altitude of the ISS and will occur 47 minutes after liftoff. If you can’t hit pick up and drop off windows to these levels of accuracy, then it’s time to update your job scheduling system.

Connecting the front office with the back office in real-time provides a bridge to success and provides a powerful tool for dealing with daily change management. It means that job scheduling, administration, and other tasks often completed in an office will be able to sync with driver out on the road. Having a mobile empowered workforce provides the tools required to receive live updates and stay on top of any last-minute changes to ensure your business can still deliver on time.

Make sure jobs can be docked just like the Crew Dragon on the ISS. Why chase paperwork when the data is captured automatically?

If job scheduling is more complicated than the jobs themselves, it might be time to think about making your processes more efficient. You need to ensure every job starts off right by having the required information available to your team at all times. Just because you have done it forever in paper doesn’t mean it’s right.

Once the Crew Dragon gets within 200 metres of the ISS it will align its docking port at the Pressurized Mating Adaptor PMA-2 on the Harmony module of the ISS. Make sure your processes align perfectly with your business needs so every job is as accurate as docking a vessel in space.

A well-designed approach to job scheduling should minimise entry, reduce duplication, and auto-calculate to ensure mistakes are diminished. Your system should make jobs easy, not complicated. With the technology available today it has the power to provide an opportunity to automate many of your workflows and ensure processes run seamlessly from one to the next.

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You might not be able to fly to the ISS, but you can ensure your drivers have a smooth journey every time with paperless job scheduling.

There’s no need to chase after paperwork or frantically try to search for the information you need with a paperless system. If you want to function like SpaceX it’s time to move into the future and start automating your processes.

Ensure you maximise efficiency  within the office and on the road by streamlining your processes so that you can launch your business into the future.

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