Managing Your Sales and Marketing Processes Effectively

Managing Your Sales and Marketing Processes Effectively

Don’t let traditions get in the way of improvement when it comes to marketing.

It’s easy to continue using the processes you already have in place simply because that’s what has always been done. Why would you continue to manage your business the old way, if the new way was more effective and easier? Craft breweries have created a sensation in the market because they create a unique point of difference, creative marketing and a service that allows the customer to feel special. The same goes for any business and obviously in the beer game it was clearly needed?

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Once the grain is dry it’s time to thresh it, which just means to separate the grain from the straw. There are a number of methods for threshing. Traditionally, a flail was used, but some people use a broom handle or plastic baseball bat. Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean you can’t change the system.

With a paperless system for managing marketing and sales, you can digitise the entire workflow to provide real value to your organisational structures. Our one-system approach improves sales and marketing but doesn’t stop there. With a fully integrated management approach sales, delivery and success are all part of one process. Provided on a mobile first platform the ease of use increases employee engagement and guarantees metrics are captured that can be measured.

The goal of threshing is to separate the grain from the awns, husks, and straw. Don’t get distracted and lose sight of what’s important during the initial phase of customer acquisition.

If you want to grow the perfect barley to make the best quality beer on the market, and separate yourself from your competitors, you need to start the process right from the beginning. Paperless technology allows you to manage every step of the customer journey with ease through a centralised database, ensuring the same standards are maintained. With the right system in place you’ll see your beer on the shelves in no time.

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