Managing Quality With One System

Managing Quality With One System

What is Quality?

Quality is a broad term that covers all aspects of business operations from planning and pre production activities, to designing, building and the execution of works, testing, delivery, customer feedback and post delivery activities and more. It covers suppliers and service providers and a vast variety of maintenance, documentation, traceability, storage conditions and more.

The benefits of having a good Quality Management system in place, include the following: 
1) An ability to reduce waste (defects, time/motion, damaged equipment, bad testing, etc.)

2) An ability to increase compliance through a protocol of routine audits, inspections and monitoring and measurement activities. 

3) An ability to improve customer satisfaction through questionnaires and surveys etc. 

4) An ability to lift your Safety and Environmental systems just by virtue of keeping your workplace organised, your equipment in good order, your production waste properly managed and more. 

If you think that Quality Management is time consuming, we can assure you that the amount of both time and money spent on the handling of production defects and their immediate and long term impact on business brands is much greater than any time you are ever likely to spend on routine quality assurance. On the other hand – quality checks do take time… which is a pain. So, what can be done to reduce the time spent on controlling the quality of operations without compromising on the quality of the end product or service? 

Did someone say KIM? 

KIM ‘ONE SYSTEM’ by Kynection is a 100% paperless integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System. KIM is 100% certified and built to meet the requirements of the three key ISO standards; 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018. Whether you are ISO certified or not – with KIM you can rock your continuous improvement like a pro. No more paper, no more paper folders, no more staples, handwriting and plastic sheet protectors. 

Whether you are running a factory with lots of cutting, sawing, drilling, pressing machines and conveyor belts, or a warehouse full of racking, shelving and packing and moving equipment, or a fleet of trucks or a busy construction company – whatever it is you do, KIM will be your best friend. From daily pre-starts, ITP’s and SWMS, to Quality audits, Product inspection sheets, Quality Pass/Fail and sampling tests, Toolbox meetings and more. You can run checks, identify and report issues from your mobile phone in real time. 

Have an issue and need to stop your work before any damage is caused? – You can stay on top of your equipment management with KIM! With KIM you can ensure that your testing equipment is calibrated, that all of your machines are safe and serviced, that all your staff are aware of your minimal acceptance criteria and your Nonconformity Control system. 

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