Managing Human Resources Is Made Easy With KIM

Managing Human Resources Is Made Easy With KIM

Usually, when we hear the word “Asset” – we think about property – houses, shops, vehicles, boats, machinery etc. But the greatest and most important of our assets are people.

Remember the expression “No Man Is an Island,” by John Donne? This is exactly what this expression is about. No matter where you are – you always need other people in your life, because it is them who make everything both possible and worthwhile – both in your personal life and at work. 

So let’s talk a little bit about your business – and more specifically, the people in it. Because we all know that even with your greatest assets, there can sometimes be minor issues…

Have you ever had any difficulties with managing human resources in your business? 

Here are a few common areas where businesses tend to struggle: 

  • Selection and recruitment,
  • Onboarding and induction, 
  • Training and assessment,  
  • Retention and promotion, 
  • Reward and recognition,
  • Fitness for work,
  • Misconduct and disciplinary action,
  • Performance management, 
  • Policies and procedures,
  • Injury and Return to work, 
  • Performance evaluation, etc. 

Do any of these struggles sound familiar to you? 

Have you ever asked yourself if any of these processes could somehow be made easier?

Here at Kynection, we have asked ourselves this question. We have also conducted extensive research and obtained a lot of valuable feedback. We have implemented suggested ideas and optimised our HR Module’s functionality over-time to allow an easy and smooth HR Workflow. 

What are some benefits of using KIM ONE SYSTEM to manage your Human Resources? 

KIM is designed to keep all of your key information in one place. Which means that with KIM, you can link your Human Resources to QHSE, Projects, Payroll and other crucial components in a seamless and user friendly way.

KIM provides a holistic approach designed to maximise your efficiency and effectiveness by catering for all your HR processes in one place – 100% digital and accessible on web and mobile.

KIM offers a large variety of electronic smart-forms and forced workflows that allow you to easily obtain and maintain an up to date register of training, medical assessments, fitness for work, timesheets, check-in check-out, staff location, incidents and near misses, toolbox and pre-start meetings, induction records, PPE and much much more. 

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