Manage Your Business More Effectively with Workforce Mobility Software

Manage Your Business More Effectively with Workforce Mobility Software

It can be difficult to manage your field staff effectively without the visibility available from workforce mobility software. Without a mobile workforce system that captures remote data in one place it is impossible to ensure all staff are productive, safe, and supported, and that you are maintaining vehicles and equipment properly to avoid accidents and injuries.

Identifying red flags throughout the daily workflow is important to ensure team efficiency and for the prevention of issues in the field, from broken equipment or poorly assessed work sites. You can’t get true control over your business without a proper system in place for managing risks, safety, maintenance, equipment, and jobs.

Ensure everyone is following the correct procedures

Paper systems are time-consuming to fill out and organise, as well as costly to store and recover if things go pear shaped. Relying on paper or even a set of disconnected apps like accounting package add-ons is inefficient and makes it difficult to provide staff in the field access to distributed information so they can complete jobs effectively and safely. 

Not having workforce mobility software in place can have a negative impact on your business and prevent your team from having the critical visibility over issues and potential hazards that could result in near misses or harm. 

Pairing the safety risks with the business necessities your teams are always working with a diverse range of documents that they need to run your business.

If the information doesn’t reach the field in a timely manner, or worst case is lost, this will have a significant impact on your customers and bottom lines. Without the power of workforce mobility software, which are backed up on the cloud, you run the risk of overrunning or duplicating . This wastes valuable time and resources.

Keep on top of your schedule with ease

In the fast paced world we live where scheduling jobs in real time around the availability of field staff and finding staff with the right qualifications and licences for the job feel impossible, completing these tasks in paper is not feasible.

In a paper world it is almost a guarantee that you won’t have the visibility to see clashes in schedules or if there are any conflicts in maintained equipment or staff licensing. It’s no excuse anymore to send uncertified labour or at risk equipment to client sites, just because it’s how you have always done it.

With a digital system in place you can use drop and drag technology to schedule jobs and fix any conflicts to ensure all jobs can be completed effectively. When scheduling jobs, the system raises red flags if the staff assigned to a job don’t have the correct qualifications, so you can reassign accordingly. If staff assigned to jobs don’t have the correct training or well-maintained equipment, people could be seriously hurt and legislators are there to prosecute ignorant behaviour. 

With a system in place that does all of the work for you, ensuring safety and productivity at the same time you can meet the high demands of the market and create a culture of success.

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Gain full visibility over your business with workforce mobility software

Workforce mobility software provides your business with the visibility and accessibility you need to manage risks and safety more effectively. An integrated, mobile first, digital system will ensure your business is following safety procedures and that you can make key business decisions every time your team steps out the door.

You will be able to check up on jobs in real-time, with live updates and forced sign-offs to ensure compliance at all levels. Field staff will be able to follow OHS procedures easily when submitting a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) from their mobile phone or tablet. Data is sent straight from the field to the office, allowing team members to manage by exception and to review information immediately. 

With workforce mobility software you can:

  • Monitor and remotely control your hardware
  • Identify red flags before someone raises them and eradicate risks for team members
  • Allow or restrict access to hardware and equipment, using tap and go technology
  • Control where you are using and operating assets, minimising down time
  • Schedule jobs using drop and drag technology to avoid conflicts
  • Track and immobilise assets in case of theft

Manage everything from ONE SYSTEM

Technology provides clear workflows for all your employees. It offers a more reliable approach to managing your business than paper-based systems. With ONE SYSTEM for all of your processes you will be able to improve business practices and manage the business more efficiently. 

With the ability to easily capture, store, and review data in one place, you can ensure that everyone throughout the business is consistently using the same system and that they are able to access the necessary information required to complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

Workforce mobility software provides you with the accessibility you need to ensure your business is functioning as productively as possible. You can use technology to create smoother workflows and ensure all processes are easy to follow and understand.

Keep everyone and everything in ONE SYSTEM instead of paper systems and discover how much easier running your business can be.

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