Manage Every Job as if you are part of the SpaceX Program and Use Data to Automate your Invoicing System

Manage Every Job as if you are part of the SpaceX Program and Use Data to Automate your Invoicing System

SpaceX wouldn’t mishandle data, and neither should you. Access data easily for every job, client, or project with an integrated approach to your invoicing system.

It’s important to know how much money you have, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going to run a successful business. Without automating your invoicing system to manage all of this it’s impossible to know your profit per job, client, or project. 

A search and recovery crew will be waiting nearby on SpaceX’s GO Navigator ship to help the crew out of the Crew Dragon. If the SpaceX team didn’t have access to the exact coordinates and time of landing, it wouldn’t be easy to find the spacecraft.

When it comes to paperwork, it’s time-consuming and tedious to sort through files to find the numbers you need. Paper-based systems simply aren’t efficient if you want to prove to your clients that you’re always ahead of the curve. If your finance teams are asking where the money is going then you need to have a serious look at your systems. And if you team doesn’t know where the money is it’s a clear sign you have left money on the table with your clients too.

The SpaceX team will pull the spacecraft out of the water and return it to base where SpaceX and NASA will inspect it. Just like your business, data doesn’t lie, so make sure you base your decisions on facts not fiction.

Your client rates, expectations, and objectives should be “built in” to your system to ensure fast and effective invoicing without error. With irrefutable data to manage disputes effectively, your clients will agree with you 99 out of 100 times. Your data and validation will be so strong that you will have conditioned the client’s accounts teams to know your company systems are better and more factual than their own. This confidence soon becomes reliance because there is nothing more infuriating than receiving claims after the fact.

Ensure the process of payment is as streamlined as a SpaceX launch.

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Clients will often complain when they have to pay their bills. It’s called the friction point of client engagement for a reason. And money isn’t just a friction point for clients it’s also the same for employees and contractors. everyone in the supply chain is looking to get paid correctly and on time, which makes everyone happier. Happy drivers and operators present your company well and normally your team is happiest when they’re paid on time and where profit is clear recognised. A smile delivered by a happy employee can go a long way with clients.

Both NASA and SpaceX have a list of criteria that determines whether a launch was successful or not. Make expectations clear from the start with an integrated quoting, delivery and invoicing system and you’ll remove the need for disputes with your clients.

Remove double data entry and mistakes by providing clients with detailed invoices that are irrefutable, and then allow the system to reconcile to your accounting and financial systems for reporting and KPI measurements. If you want to avoid disputes with your clients you need to engage in a manner that is easy, frictionless, and evidentiary. 

With a paperless invoicing system you can collate and provide data clearly and accurately every time. There’s no better way to impress your clients than by proving that your processes, particularly accounting is state-of-the-art. They’ll never doubt that your information is inaccurate when you can provide invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and quotes at the touch of a button in a downloadable format with qualitative data to validate accuracy.

Drive client success to the moon and back with a seamless invoicing system and digital client portal.

Providing an end-to-end approach enables you to set the tone on how you engage, deliver, and support your clients. Doing it “exceptionally through technology” makes the request for a client reference or word of mouth referral a whole lot easier. We all know happy clients are 4 times more likely to refer than unhappy ones so why create tension with poor invoicing systems.

Astronauts join a life-threatening mission because they want to fulfill personal needs. Your clients have needs too, so addressing these as part of your processes will make everyone happier.

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When clients can access the information they need as easily as hitting a webpage business relationships become much simpler to achieve. A paperless invoicing system takes the hassle out of accounting, and a client portal ensures that communication is always clear and precise. Invoicing processes and client feedback go hand-in-hand because when the request for payment is clean and precise, your clients will be happier. They will engage more actively and work to help you like a partner.

Using the needs of the astronauts and pushing to make sure each one drives for excellence creates higher performance outcomes across the team. When everyone is dedicated to the same goal, success comes easily.

Client success can be a simple thing when you don’t overcomplicate it with paperwork. Managing all of these moving parts in one-system means it’s easy to see where more work is required or when there are issues that need to be resolved. Keeping your clients happy doesn’t need to be a burden when technology is on your side.

The simple things are what’s important when it comes to client success. With a system that can provide an end-to-end approach for the customer journey, with accurate and factual data will ensure your business can reach new heights like SpaceX in no-time.

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