Make the Rubber hit the Road with an Effective Document Management System

Make the Rubber hit the Road with an Effective Document Management System

Having a capable document management system for schematics, parts inventories, engineering documents and testing data are all part of the job for a high performing race car team. It’s no different for any business.

Paperless document management is the way of the future if you want to keep your team on the track. Using templates and a systemised approach to estimating, quoting, and tendering gives your sales teams an opportunity to efficiently quote new and existing jobs. Templates can work to provide consistent and risk adjusted pricing, and can also provide a repeatable format and presentation of pricing to clients, including technical documentation, safety methods and whatever else is required to demonstrate your company is the best fit for your client.

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The brakes used in V8 supercars are usually steel brakes, as opposed to carbon brakes. There’s good reason for this.. It’s about getting through a race and having brakes to stop in the last corner!

Every new quote or estimate should be based on defined rates against clear deliverables which are derived from previous experience and known success. Any complex business that has predefined deliverables and  unique client pricing needs a control mechanism (like steel brakes) to provide reliable, accurate and automated billing when the work is completed. 

This could be provided as rate cards, line item adjusted pricing etc, but teh system needs to be flexible enough to align client objectives with delivery outcomes.

This information should be stored in a system that is “much more than a contact management application”. It needs to have the ability to provide sales teams with the speed to create “quotes or proposals”, removing guesswork that may transfer to re-work or profit loss.

By defining access rights to key records and documents team members will only see the data that is allowed, ensuring your client’s information remains confidential and secure at all times.

With paperless document management it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for. Gone are the days of digging through piles of paperwork from completed jobs which originated out in the field, with gaps in information always a major issue for invoicing and improvement. 

To think that you would enter a super cars race on a whim is crazy. It’s setting up for failure before you start. The same applies with companies that maintain the status quo in a highly evolving marketplace. No one can afford to settle for average outcomes due to poor systems. 

When you deploy an integrated CRM and document management system using a mobile first application your team can quickly trap the key information required within the business and locate the data for use later. This means translated learning can be applied to improve process and ultimately profit.

Looking up transactions for trend analysis both on older pricing models, or extrapolating the job profits from 100 similar jobs becomes integrated and seamless with paperless document management.

With the power of digital automation your business can power through the race at full acceleration , from start to finish and you’ll be in with a chance to win for your customer every time. Let a paperless document management system do the hard work for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Powering your business to better manage your customer journey can be maintained with an effective CRM and integrated document management.

An integrated system allows you to streamline your processes and ensure documents are available whenever and wherever, particularly if it is on mobile. No matter what point you’re at in the customer journey you can ensure your customers are happy by providing them with the information they need to feel confident in your ability to deliver.

Racing teams are allowed a set number of tyres for each race. Ensure you’re using the right tyres every time with a centralised database for all of your documents.

Designed as an integrated one-system approach, our document management system ensures the handover between sales and delivery is seamless. There’s no need to prepare stacks of paperwork as you progress from job request to service delivery. All the files each department needs access to can be provided in one-system, with access allocated to individual team members as required. Your field times shine because their jobs are made easier, the data is simple to capture and duplication of tasks is diminished exponentially.

One set of wheels is allowed to be of a softer construction than the ‘control tyre’ used as a standard for the vehicles. Keep track of information digitally rather than on paper to make race day less stressful. We don’t want to run a Torana anymore, even if our heart reminds us of a great past. Like racing we need to move on and adopt the right technology to compete.

With our one-system approach, documents are sent from the system through an email approach, or they can be stored in tender folders as CSV and PDF files. This provides your business with multiple ways to engage with the client, your subcontractors and field teams.

The other advantage of an integrated document management system is that it also works seamlessly with the Google or Office suites. Power the next level of document management by having documents easily accessible on either platform, so you can edit your Word or Google document and have it linked to a job or project in your database.

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Intelligent data will fuel your business.

One of the downsides of using a paper-based system for document management is the lack of intelligent data that allows you to make critical business decisions. Paper documents might provide you with the information you need but they can’t show you insights, analytics, and progress at the touch of a button. With a paperless system in place your business will be able to thrive in the digital world.

You wouldn’t fill your race car up with LPG, so don’t run your business with systems that cannot maximise your performance.

With a paperless system in place it is easy to also find policies, procedures, and processes as required within the database. This gives your team an advantage, because tasks are well defined and understood, making job completion clear. This allows your team to stay on task and ensure they’re following the correct guidelines at all times.

Ensure the rules are clear for every race. Create your digital rule book to make it simple to maintain the same standards across the entire business.

A powerful knowledge base is available for every role in the company. This provides a documented description of expectations and minimum standards. This ‘rule book’ can be used in client documentation as well and ensure greater control over what is delivered.

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Project and job folders can be created into cloud storage to provide company-wide access under international security protocols and for historic storage and retrieval. This acts as an archiving and backup strategy to meet the needs of ISO 9001 quality standards..

If you want to keep the wheels of your business running into the future it’s time to think about moving to the digital world just like the race teams have done through vehicle improvements, telemetry and data crunching. Paperless technology can provide your business with opportunities that simply aren’t available on paper, and can make your business the most efficient and productive it has ever been. 

Don’t fall behind in the race because your systems can’t handle the load. Stay on track for success with integrated paperless document management. You want to see the checkered flag and stand on the podium in first place.

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