Measuring Production Life Cycles to Maintain Your Profit Edge with Time and Attendance Systems

Measuring Production Life Cycles to Maintain Your Profit Edge with Time and Attendance Systems

Keeping track of performance and production life cycles is critical to maintaining your business’s success. You need to have an understanding of where time is being spent and how long it takes to complete jobs and projects through time and attendance systems. Every step along the production line needs to be managed and measured to allow for improvement and drive profit margins higher. Slippage, failed fabrication, miscommunicated deliverables all open up opportunities to lose margin and there will be no celebratory beers on a Friday if you are losing money.

The mash is then pumped into the lauter tun, where a sweet liquid known as wort is separated from the grain husks. To ensure a project is successful you need to understand how your business can turn your ‘grain’ into ‘beer’.

Paperless systems provide all the tools, functions, cost and governance features that allow you to concentrate on the project, and on working on it to completion. For the client, all the project-related work is separated into regularly scheduled tasks. Task lists and prioritisation are provided. Tracking progress is as easy as checking when time has been logged against a task or project.  It is simple to update task lists, track progress, manage activity and sub-tasks, communicate with collaborators, and e-mail proposals, and share task documents and progress with clients. There are even project management planning tools and financial calculators that support the tracking of costs, expenses, and revenue as they move through the project.

kynection's one-system for project management skills

Using paperless time and attendance systems is about getting results so you can prepare for upcoming deadlines and to deliver full and polished projects. Our digital infrastructure is designed with scaling in mind. We leverage our unique facilities to boost the performance and extend the lifespan of our infrastructure and devices. 

Kynection’s time and attendance systems come with simple, powerful and intuitive tools customised for your business and working environment. It is a complete solution to ensure your team gets the job done and that you can afford a beer to celebrate, not water.

We can’t give you the satisfaction that drinking a craft beer can, but we can help you satisfy all your business needs! Please contact us at contact@kynection.com or 1300 786 272 to discuss how we can get your business pumping.

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