Lifting Business Growth and Success Planning with Kynections ONE SYSTEM – KIM

Lifting Business Growth and Success Planning with Kynections ONE SYSTEM – KIM

The Kynection One System TQM Series

You are clearly a business adventurer! The fact that you are reading the next article in our quality series, where we focus heavily on the use of technology to assist in better business outcomes, tells us that you are adventurous and have a strong growth mindset! What does Success Planning mean to you?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, or maybe you are a director or manager that is seeking to increase value within your business, or perhaps you have realised chasing growth and maintaining quality at the same time is extremely challenging. At Kynection we know building a business can be exciting, but without the proper success planning and systems, the pathway to success can be rocky.

But here’s the thing: different scenarios present you with a range of different risks and opportunities. Occasionally they will require you to re-evaluate and question your objectives and targets, and sometimes they make you plan and execute change. 

Here are some potential factors that can make any business journey look uncertain:

  • Political: Bans, conflicts, company, policies, restrictions or instability
  • Economic: Inflation, Interest rates, costs of products and services, competition, market-share
  • Social: People behaviour, personalities, attitudes, demographics, interpersonal dynamics
  • Technological: Innovation, automation, research, testing, development, production, demands
  • Pollution, climate change, offsets, foods, fires, earthquakes, diseases, noise, sustainability
  • Trading laws, employment laws, copyright laws, discrimination laws, health and safety laws, and more. 

As you can see, some factors are internal and provide you with the luxury of greater control, and some factors are external, and can sometimes take you by surprise.

Clause 6 of the ISO 9001 Standard looks at planning. And good planning means planning for success. It means that your plan takes into account risks and opportunities, planned and unplanned changes, and any reviews required to ensure that the company is aligned with its objectives and that the objectives remain relevant to the organisation’s needs.

A standard success planning session will typically review the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and the conclusions will be drawn based on questions such as: 

  • What is our position in the market? Where are we ranking compared to our competition?
  • Are we able to offer an “unfair advantage”?
  • What are our customers looking for? Are we able to provide it?
  • What are our customers likely to need in a given window of time? How can we deliver it?
  • How are our suppliers, contractors and staff performing?
  • What are the legal, regulatory or other requirements which affect us?
  • What is our impact on our environment?
  • How do we affect our neighbours and general public?
  • How can we improve our products and services?
  • How can we reduce waste and increase profit?
  • Are our safety management protocols working?
  • Do we have the right tools and infrastructure, and is it all in good working order?

An effective success planning strategy is a door to growth and prosperity, and any organisation that has a good planning system holds the key to realising its full potential. A well-planned business management system will cover all the whys, whats, ifs, whens, whos and hows of an organisation. All of the things we all know are important. 

But the thing is, not every organisation is doing it. So, why not? 

If the principles are there and all the knowledge is up for grabs, then why do so many organisations fail to plan effectively?

This is where some may say “they have the personnel/time/space/budget etc.”, and you may be right! 

Many companies may indeed have all of those things and even more. But none of those things is a guarantee of an organisation’s success. And therefore we might need to approach it a little bit differently.

Good personnel + poor system = Failure

Enough time + poor system = Failure

Good space + poor system = Failure

Great budget + poor system = Failure

It looks like even the most highly equipped organisations can not achieve their desired outcomes by using old, tired, inefficient and ineffective systems. – These are any systems which do not allow easy access to information, accountability, credibility, processing, control, auditing etc.

Because success planning also means planning the execution, enforcement, communication and effectiveness of review processes.

Now let us ask you this: how many times have you seen resources allocated to countless strategic review and planning sessions, policy and procedure changes, changes of forms and documents and more – all of which had little to no effect – many of which have never been implemented or followed?

How many times did you catch yourself feeling frustrated and exhausted doing the work of other people who either did not do it or did not do it properly?

How many times have you caught yourself contemplating the dismissal of an underperforming and risk-taking worker with a poor attitude, but did not do it because the process looked too hard and you were too busy?

How many times a week are you chasing your staff for information, form completion, and different papers that they have lost in their van or in the lunchroom? And how many times have you noticed that things were just out of date? Things like maintenance and servicing, equipment testing, PPE, first aid, food in the fridge, employee training records, and more?

It can be overwhelming, there is no sugar-coating that! But it no longer needs to be hard or out of reach! Even more so, it is within your reach and you can literally keep your whole business system in your jeans or jacket pocket!

With KIM One System and our one-system approach, all your business management tools are in the palm of your hand! You can plan, manage, communicate, allocate tasks, and monitor the performance of all of your business aspects while living your life!

KIM One System is your one stop shop for HR, Payroll, Forms, Articles, Inventory Management, HSEQ, Finance, Equipment Maintenance, CoR and more. You name it – KIM One System has it!

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