Let’s Take The Stress Out Of Stocktake

Let’s Take The Stress Out Of Stocktake

Does your organisation have an effective equipment management system in place? Very few things can be more frustrating than running stocktakes. It’s hard enough managing one warehouse or one site, but if you have multiple sites, trucks and mobile storage units it adds more and more levels of complexity to an already dreadful chore. Some common issues of not having an effective equipment and asset management system include: Items that are misplaced, wrong quantities displayed, labels missing, items missing, items damaged, missing signage, wrong items written off, stock discrepancies and the list goes on….

Will you always have the right people working on your sites who will always have the right skills, experience, knowledge and desire to execute the utmost due-diligence with regards to your stored goods? Maybe you will… maybe you won’t. Maybe you are amongst the few lucky ones and your stocktakes are not even as dramatic as we often hear that they are. In fact, maybe your operation is so smooth that you don’t even need to employ special people for this task, or at least don’t need to run stock takes too often.

Whether or not your stocktake is painful, there is always something you can do to make it better – this is what continual improvement is all about. Whether it’s changing the physical structure of your warehouse, buying suitable organisers for your vehicles, changing the lighting or ventilation arrangements inside your storage facility, or simply moving from paper to glass to ensure you have an effective equipment management system. 

It is not a secret that lost and expired goods cost you money that you would rather not have to pay. Same goes for any damaged goods accidentally sold or any extra items that were somehow missed and not accounted for due to not having a quality equipment and asset management system. You want to know exactly where your products, tools and assets are at any given time. You want to know that the numbers are right, the storage arrangements are right, the handling is right, the orders and allocations are correct, and that any inward goods match your order and are exactly in the condition they are supposed to be.

How Can Kynection Help Manage Your Stocktake?

As an IT company we naturally translate any business hardships into data science. We want to understand the best ways in which our clients’ data can be trapped, stored, moved, accessed, used and represented. We found the best way to ensure that all of your data and all of your business functions are linked, ensuring they work smoothly together. 

stock control management

With our ONE SYSTEM ‘KIM’ you can store any data you need in one place, your equipment management no longer has to be a struggle. Including model and serial numbers, descriptions, manufacturing dates, expiry dates, suppliers, customers, assets, sites, invoices, purchase orders and more. You can track, move, allocate and control items, create digital reports, run audits, allocate tasks, complete sales, manage inventory and purchasing and all without lifting a pen! With KIM’s equipment and asset management system you can do it all 100% paper-free in a digital form on your mobile.

KIM saves you time, eliminates unnecessary steps, allows you to keep both visual and numeric data and saves you lots of time by allowing you to easily scan in any items with unique QR codes.

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