Know Your Client’s History to Reduce Mistakes with a Customer Relationship Management System

Know Your Client’s History to Reduce Mistakes with a Customer Relationship Management System

By May 2012, SpaceX had operated on total funding of around $1 billion over its first decade of operation. Private equity provided approximately $200 million of this.

SpaceX didn’t suddenly have $1 billion overnight. They knew what their clients needed and worked towards that outcome, ensuring their clients’ successes as well as their own. In order to make your business money your sales team needs to understand how important their engagement is with customers, as they won’t be able to go the extra distance if they don’t know the history.

How can you keep track of your client’s needs with a paper-based system or a system designed to work when mobiles were not even considered a business tool? And if your customer relationship management system process is a mix of paperwork and technology it’s impossible for any team member to share a client file or quickly find the exact information they need to close the business. 

When you are not restricted by location and the information is at your fingertips you deliver the ability to provide “sensational experiences” for your clients. A proposal or quote that is delivered quickly and looks professional, while providing the necessary information for a client to make a quick decision, will drive more wins. And we all know that wins translate to new business and new business translates to keeping the doors open. 

Just like the Space X program, which sought every possible way to streamline processes and  to deliver more value for its clients, a customer relationship management system should be viewed no differently. 

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To provide cost value every company needs to have information available at every part of the customer journey. For transport the difference in cents to a cost per kilometre rate can be the difference between profit and loss. Let’s face it, transport companies, like Space X, use expensive equipment to deliver their services, so data is super important from the sales process (selling the mission) to the delivery process (achieving the mission). 

Using a customer relationship management system that interfaces sales and delivery ensures continuity and leveraging lessons learned so your unique selling proposition is not forgotten. 

Having all your data captured in one place provides the information that your sales teams need and insures your business from risk, if key team members change roles or leave the business. 

Using a customer relationship management system means the information noted against records allows for easy conversations and provides a background for anyone new to the business or role. You can organise leads more effectively to ensure it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for, without the hassle of sorting through stacks of paperwork.

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