Keep Your Trucks at Peak Performance by Simplifying Maintenance Management

Keep Your Trucks at Peak Performance by Simplifying Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is a critical component of any fleet management software. When it boils done down to it, the utilisation success of equipment is really controlled by a few of factors:

  1. Driver/Operator wear and tear
  2. Quality of Manufacturer/OEM product
  3. Delivery of timely and cost controlled maintenance management
  4. Effective scheduling of regulatory requirements necessitated for safety.

Every factor can then be calculated into the operating costs and therefore the overall profits of fleet intensive companies. 

For any fleet manager it’s critical to have a system that is easy to use and operate to ensure that their equipment is always available and in the safest working order.

Managing maintenance effectively becomes a critical success factor for the allocation of equipment for time sensitive jobs like freight delivery or into specialised projects like concrete pumping or earthmoving.

Without a paperless system for maintenance management it is impossible to ensure your managers are receiving alerts and acting upon critical problems immediately. 

It is vital that plant and equipment are maintained at all times to keep your drivers safe and make sure they can get the job done. Without a reliable system for tracking maintenance issues when they occur, there’s no way of knowing when maintenance is required.

Keep your trucks running with fleet management software

There are so many things to manage when it comes to maintenance. At all times you need to know when equipment is due to be serviced, any current maintenance or defect requirements sitting against vehicles or equipment, and which equipment currently can’t be put to task. Maintenance management is about ensuring equipment is safe to use so you can keep your drivers on the road and on the job.

With a paper-based system there is no automation or easy way of seeing when maintenance is due. You have to manually record when maintenance is carried out and when it will be due next. This makes it easy to get wrong and easy to forget. Let’s face it, the little opportunities to save money and meet your regulatory obligations often slip through the cracks.

There’s no way of knowing if your drivers filled out pre-start checklists correctly before starting the job and if they are correctly documenting any vehicle or equipment faults, let alone if faults are of road worthy concern.

You can’t rely on paper to get the job done any more. Paperless maintenance management is the only way to ensure full visibility across your entire fleet.

maintenance management software

Using maintenance management to ensure operations run smoothly

Maintenance management software that integrates into operations under a ONE SYSTEM approach, allows stakeholders to appropriately assess equipment functionality and then safely schedule through one process. If you find any faults while doing pre-start checklists then it is simple to identify the faults and tag the equipment so it can’t be used until it has been repaired and workshops and scheduling teams are all working off the same page.

Completing pre-start checklists and reporting defects on trucks, trailers, and assets is simple thanks to paperless technology. During a pre-start checklist any items that are not ticked will automatically create a Defective Maintenance Request (DMR). By classifying these ticks in the business the system undertakes the task of keep working or stand down. Its a process thats intimately linked. Identified issues are immediately sent to the operations team for intelligent decisions to deploy or switch out.  This ensures that all equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards.

Capture maintenance data in one centralised system

With ONE SYSTEM your maintenance management tasks become part of a controlled workflow. Your teams can work at their desks, from the field or even while on leave or in lock down to access data whenever they need it. 

Preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance, and defect maintenance requests can be accessed from a centralised database by the relevant managers. You can easily view the service history and pre-start checklists to ensure that maintenance is being carried out as required.

Maintenance can then easily be scheduled with internal staff or a third party from within the system. You can keep track of the maintenance as it progresses and view notifications in real-time. 

How the paperless maintenance process works:

  1. Driver scans the barcode or NFC on the equipment and the correct checklist is automatically presented to the driver.
  2. When filling out the pre-start checklist, any items that are not ticked will create a Defective Maintenance Request (DMR) that will automatically be sent to the fleet operations.
  3. Sign on glass process with interlocks for the driver declaration ensure the driver doesn’t bypass the process or start the day when applicable.
  4. Qualified mechanics and/or technicians can close or raise new DMRs during repair or servicing activities.
  5. Driver can review all faults raised on that asset for the past 60 days.
  6. Workshops can schedule tasks for maximum utilisation and aligned to know servicing intervals
maintenance management app

Maintenance management from the palm of your hand

With a paperless maintenance management system in place you will easily be able to streamline your operational processes. Removing the paperwork and manual data entry makes maintenance simple and ensures that everyone has access to the tools they need to report faults and issues as required.

Having a system that is easy to use and operate is critical. Don’t waste your time with paperwork when technology can improve efficiency within your business. Keep everyone safe and your vehicles running smoothly all year round with a paperless system that allows you to manage maintenance from your phone, your tablet, or your computer.

Throw out the paperwork and make maintenance part of a greater workflow with our ONE SYSTEM approach to maintenance management.

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