Inventory Management and Language….is There a Connection?

Inventory Management and Language….is There a Connection?

English Grammar rules teach us everything we need to know about the everyday use of language. Would you agree? For example, we know that the object pronoun of “I” is “Me”, and the object pronoun of “She” is “Her”. How easy would life be if this was really all we needed to know…?

We don’t really pay much attention to the exact use of words, do we? – because we have tested the language we use long enough, to have the confidence that the data will somehow land right. 

Where else would something like this come in handy? 

Let’s look at how we manage inventory and logistics. For example – what are some considerations you have when it comes to stock management?

  • Quantities 
  • Locations 
  • Expiry dates 
  • Storage requirements 
  • Handling and transportation requirements
  • Segregation
  • Protection 
  • Distribution 
  • Raw material vs completed products 
  • Defects and quarantine 
  • Returns and warranties 
  • Purchase orders
  • Back-orders
  • Banned products 
  • Clearance stock 
  • Suppliers, couriers, handlers, customers, etc.

How do you manage all of these? Who looks after what and when? What are their details? What if there is a shortage? What if there is an issue?

You see – an inventory system is like a language.

If your inventory management system has clear role definitions and allows for a natural and invisible accurate flow of data, it can work like magic. If there are gaps in this system (especially around roles), it creates room for errors and losses for the company. 

KIM speaks your language. KIM is designed to ensure that your end-to-end sales and inventory management process are able to run smoothly and invisibly. Our system has been tested for many years, and continuously improves to meet the requirements of businesses like yours. We take pride in our 3rd Party integration and in our smooth operations that allow you to complete all of the actions you need from ONE SYSTEM.

We can guide you with all your inventory management needs. KIM can help you order and pay for stock, organise the stock on your shelves, check and manage your stock, allocate and shift your stock, sell and use your stock, select, change, audit and replace suppliers and more.  

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