Improving Workflows with Technology – Timesheets

Improving Workflows with Technology – Timesheets

If you run a field-based team, we believe that it’s crucial to capture time accurately and efficiently.  As we approach 2020, we still see many businesses out there that rely on paper-based systems to capture and organise data from timesheets.

Without using simple technology, the process of filling out timesheets onsite using paper and becomes overly clunky and places administrative strains on the business – potentially harming opportunities to scale effectively.  

At Kynection, we are big believers in using mobile technology or digital sign-on methods to capture and manage timesheet data, which minimises the total amount of human involvement within the process.  

Capturing Data Using Paper:  What Can Go Wrong?

Approvals Process

How smoothly can managers approve hours? How long does it take for time to be allocated against projects and/or clients?

Administrative Burden

How many people are currently responsible for manually processing? Could they be performing other functions within your business?

EBA Rates

Do you have the added complexity of workers using multiple EBA rates?  How easily can human error come into play with your current systems?

System Connectivity

How many systems does your team have to enter this data into?  Does it automatically synchronise with your accounting package?

Australian businesses should have a focus on continual improvement and ensure that they’re equipped to take on their opposition within the market.  When we speak with operators who use paper to manage time sheets, this is generally one of the first areas we like to address.

Throughout 2019, Kynection have rolled out some great, super-efficient solutions for customers to manage timesheets using mobile technology.  One of our greatest highlights involves giving all of the workers at a company their own NFC keyrings, which can be used at the depot to clock in and clock out by tapping a sensor.  

The geo-location and times are logged automatically and no one from the back office has to now be involved collating the data, applying the right EBA rates (it’s now automated). Everyone now finds the process to be A LOT smoother.

What is Management by Exception?

According to Jonathan Patchell (Head Consultant, Kynection), “Management by exception” means that managers don’t have to scour through all of the data to identify areas of concern. 

For example, if the timesheets are being filled in, great!  If no one is highlighting any areas of concern, great!  Our technology helps companies adopt the “management by exception” approach because it notifies when problems arise so managers don’t have to spend any time analysing unnecessary data to identify any potential issues.”

Further Reasons for Going Digital

When Kynection helps businesses use technology to capture time sheet data from their employees, they’re also helping them implement “Forced Workflows” (details) which always have a major impact on data quality that’s fed back into the business from the field. 

In essence, forced workflows ensure that users complete all required parts of the form before they can submit it.  Without forced workflows, administration teams in the backend could identify that a timesheet hasn’t been signed off, meaning that they have to make contact with the worker and arrange for them to come into the office to sign it off.  With our systems in place, workers can’t submit their timesheets (and any other forms) if they breach predetermined rules.

Some Take Away Points

If your business is using paper to capture timesheet data when it could be using digital mechanisms, you have exciting opportunities to increase the profitability and operation of your business.

The key challenge of transitioning a business from paper-based system to digital is that every business is different. We deal with businesses across a broad spectrum and know that everyone has their reasoning for the existing processes they have in place – including those to related to capturing timesheet data.

For this reason, we rely on our team of consultants to work closely with our customers, taking all issues into account and then presenting  a pathway forward which focuses on simplification and where possible automation.

Besides from improving your administrative processes, using technology to manage timesheets, also means that you can make the process simpler to complete, making happier workers – which can present a raft of positive outcomes for your business!

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