Improving Processes with a Business Management System

Improving Processes with a Business Management System

When it comes to scheduling and planning work for your teams the design of your business management has the possibility to hinder or help the process. If you are managing your business with paper systems it will be difficult to do so efficiently, as there is more time involved with manual data entry and a higher risk of human error.

When designed effectively your business management system should provide you with visibility over your entire business, which for the most part a paper-based system cannot provide. 

There is no question a paper or hybrid paper and digital system will be much harder to manage and keep track of your team and your assets than a “one system” digital approach. 

And we should not look at this trivially because your people and your primary assets are two of the most expensive costs in your business.

Can a paper business management system keep up with your business?

Trying to manage a business with paper systems is inefficient and will have an impact on the productivity of your business. If you can’t see everything that is going on within your business at all times then you won’t be able to ensure that everyone is working productively and that everything is functioning properly.

This makes it much harder to meet deadlines and keep the business running successfully. Without an effective digital business management system that works efficiently on mobile, it’s impossible to keep up with all the moving parts and ensure your business is meeting its goals.

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Gain more visibility over your fleet with a digital business management system

When you’re operating a business that relies on staff and subcontractors to be compliant it’s important that they are following the correct procedures while out in the field. 

There can be serious consequences for your business if your teams aren’t compliant with local, state and federal regulations. It is a critical management objective to mitigate business risks associated with compliance.

When you undertake tasks in paper the compounding effects of duplication, double handling, missing records and tardy information flow all mount up, resulting in bottlenecks and delays in critical information being returned on time.

If you have a digital business management system in place you will have access to real-time data from the field and can receive live updates about incidents through new technologies like integrated video incident analysis or real time temperature, speed, gforce, and fatigue . This will allow you to always ensure your teams are managing personal risk more effectively and reducing company risk at the same time.

This also makes scheduling and planning jobs easier as you can assess which drivers will be able to attend upcoming jobs based on their current schedules, training and certifications, so you can easily ensure that you (they) are not breaching any laws.

Make better decisions for your business

With a reliable, mobile ready, digital business system in place it will be simple to ensure you always have access to the relevant information to enable you to make informed business decisions. You can analyse data instantly and make sure that workflows are completed in strict accordance with your safety expectations and staff are correctly undertaking their job functions.

Switching to 100% “one system” mobile and cloud-based technology enables you to synchronise data company wide, so that everyone who needs access to information can do so at the touch of a button from their phone, tablet, or computer. You will be able to access the resources you need wherever you are, whether that’s on the road or in the office.

Manage every aspect of your business in one place.

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Manage every aspect of your business in ONE SYSTEM

Having a digital business management system in place provides a simple and centralised space for storing all files, forms, schedules, and data. You won’t have to worry about sorting through filing cabinets or binders anymore with the ability to easily search and find records in seconds not days.

Transitioning to a paperless business management system will allow your business to become more productive, more efficient, and more accessible to all of your staff. There’s no reason why you can’t start the switch to digital technology today! And when you decide to take the leap of faith ask your suppliers if it’s capable in “one system”. We can promise it will be more rewarding on many levels, least of which is cost.

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