How To Maximise Gain By Using Less Tools

How To Maximise Gain By Using Less Tools

How a company treats its customers is often an indication of what it stands for. A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will cover all aspects in which daily operations are concerned and have features that can help your business grow.

The list of daily operations a good Customer Relationship Management system should cover are as follows: 

  • Customer Information
  • Communication with the customer
  • Customer Feedback 
  • Quotes and Proposals 
  • Bid/No Bid assessments 
  • Project planning 
  • Purchase orders and invoicing and more. 

Established in the 1970s, the concept of a CRM, was predominantly a Customer Satisfaction and Survey focused tool. But how can any business achieve good customer satisfaction without strong and reliable systems to back-up, boost, lift and continuously shape-up their customer experience?

With embedded CRM modules, our Integrated Management System (IMS) KIM is the perfect ONE SYSTEM solution for your business. 

Using KIM as your Customer Relations Management tool is as easy as it gets. This pocket-sized customer relationship management system is 100% paperless.  KIM includes not only CRM tools, but also a variety of other business management applications, such as our HR Module, HSEQ Module, Maintenance Module, Projects Module, Accounting integrations and more. 

In this fast moving world, businesses are being forced to evolve at speeds that would make even Zeus blush. And when you’re not looking forward but rather behind, things only get more complicated! But there is one thing standing strong in our lives which is our new LOCO (Low Code) module – that allows you and your staff to navigate this new world of integrated technologies even faster and complete any forms through quick and simple, easy to follow workflows. 

We can all understand the desire to want things done quickly and with little hassle. Many customers are so eager they expect you’ll be able to get their best outcomes right away, even if this isn’t always realistic or practical! But guess what… with KIM you may as well be able to achieve that! Save time on switching back and forth between different systems – use ONE SYSTEM that does it all. 

Explore a fully integrated one stop shop where sales, planning, delivery, support, quoting and invoicing are just the start. 

In 2022 give yourself the gift of time and efficiency and jump ahead of your competition!

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