How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks with One System

How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks with One System

Do you know how to manage work health and safety risks within your business? The safety management of your employees, contractors and visitors is an important task for every business. That’s a given for every company today, but it still means that we need to manage all those documents to validate we are doing it right and for the majority that’s all still done on paper. Anything that requires detailed paperwork can be a real headache, especially with changing legislation and clients asking for unique outputs. In truth you need to keep on top of it or face some serious penalties if anything goes wrong. 

With this knowledge, it’s clear that trying to manage health and safety risks within the workplace is a hazard in itself if you are still using paperwork. If you are finding that your safety and risk management processes are such a hassle to follow and that people would rather just not report injuries or risks, then you need to find a better way. That’s where safety management software for small or large businesses becomes handy.

Keeping your team safe doesn’t have to be hard

Recording incidents and near misses, keeping track of any risks on site or in the office, and recording all chemicals and other dangerous goods are all cumbersome tasks using paper. Paperwork is easy to lose and it’s nearly impossible to ensure mistakes aren’t made. If your important safety management processes are stored on a flimsy piece of paper then you’re putting your team and your business at risk. What happens if the paperwork is lost or the dog ate it? There’s no reason to continue using paper as the primary source of your document management anymore when there are so many better cloud-based solutions available. 

Take KIM, for example. Our safety management software can provide your business with the specialised technology solutions you need to manage all compliance and safety-related documents and procedures. This safety management software is highly flexible, which means you can easily customise it for your business so that you can capture the data you need in the format that you need. All your procedures and processes can be stored in a single, centralised database that can be accessed by anyone and everyone within your business as needed.

how to manage work health and safety risks

Let automation streamline your safety processes

Your safety management doesn’t have to be a complicated and tedious process anymore. If you are still relying on paper-based systems, you may be tired of having to fill out paper forms, writing out incident reports, and keeping everything organised in an old-fashioned filing cabinet. You might not even know that there’s a better solution than this.

With KIM, automation can become an integral part of your safety management to ensure that you are staying compliant and keeping your team safe. We all know that filling out forms isn’t fun and that it is easy to miss sections or ignore them entirely. 

KIM, a simple to use single interface for job management, project management, scheduling, maintenance management and nearly any business function you can throw at it, allows you to set up forced workflows that prevent forms from being submitted until every necessary question has been answered. 

The process can then be automated, so any forms can be sent straight to the safety officer after they have been filled out for immediate review and are highlighted by exception immediately when something bad occurs. This means that action plans can be put into place and the safety of your team can be ensured faster and more effectively than ever.

How to manage work health and safety risks with KIM

Kynection’s safety management software takes away all that hassle – making sure you are always fully compliant and safe in everything you do! Our highly flexible electronic forms module allows you to capture vast amounts of data at a click of a button while also having the benefits of being easy-to-use, being stored in a centralised database and being able to be mapped to required workflows. This means that our safety management software will make sure your organisation stays up-to-date with current legislation as well as giving your company peace of mind knowing that they have documented evidence available should something go wrong.

If you want to create a more efficient, effective, and reliable system for safety and risk management within your organisation, it’s time to consider converting paper to glass with a system like KIM.

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