Health and Safety Software Can Help Save the Planet

Health and Safety Software Can Help Save the Planet

Episode Two

New and stronger regulations and enforcement measures are now in place to control waste and pollution. This includes litter – a lot of which consists of paper or paper-based products. But did you know that by simply moving from paper to glass you can both eliminate the need for paper and substantially reduce your waste and help save trees?
The reality of forests turning into desert sands is becoming more evident than ever before. But forests are not only home to 90% of the world’s species – but they are also our planet’s natural air-conditioning – without forests, temperatures will rise worldwide and more and more places on earth will become inhabitable. Some deserts that used to be lush green forests include the Sahara desert, the Great Victoria desert and even the Gobi and Kalahari deserts too!

Now the trees are almost green

But will they still be seen?

When time and tide have been

Fall into your passing hands

Please don’t destroy these lands

Don’t make them desert sands

The Yardbirds, 1965

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The Yardbirds are famous for kickstarting the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. They ranked high in the Rolling Stone magazine and achieved an impressive popularity. Maybe it’s because they could see into the future?

With our health and safety software, KIM, you don’t need to worry about anything. KIM allows you to:

  • Train and induct your workforce
  • Manage your jobs, projects, and timesheets
  • Fill out SWMS and manage risks, incidents, hazards, and near-misses
  • Undertake internal audits
  • Complete non-conformity reports
  • Complete pre-start and plant safety reports, daily diaries, and check-in and check-outs
  • Track the location of your vehicle and manage procurement, inventory, and maintenance

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