Lokies is a one-of-a-kind smart keyless padlock, with innovative IoT capabilities.

The successor of the award-winning WatchLock series carries all its ground-breaking GPS and cellular technology while presenting its own new Bluetooth connectivity and user management abilities.

Lokies requires no keys to unlock, as it can be accessed remotely through The Access Control feature, which also allows you to identify and manage different users with different access authorisations. One more amazing feature of the Lokies padlock is its shackle, which now detects any attempts to breach it and reports in real time, giving more ways to get notified and take the necessary action to secure your assets.

Alerts and location information can be sent automatically through email, a web-based monitoring system, or through a smartphone app. It can be accessed remotely and unlocked on-site using bluetooth technology using a smartphone iOS & Android.

  • Flexible breach-detecting shackle
  • Transmits the location through GPS tracking
  • Unique user IDs
  • No keys required with remote access
  • Real-time alerts and breaches

Never lose your key again with the keyless padlock.

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