Kynection offers the most sophisticated unit for real-time fleet management with this versatile GPS tracking system. 

Helios TT software - One system - integrated Management software

The Helios TT provides a safe and secure way to monitor your vehicle fleet so you can keep control of the valuable assets in your fleet, while ensuring they stay away from harm's reach.

This unit allows you to quickly recover your vehicle if it has been stolen.  It is available with a waterproof case that gives maximum protection from wet weather conditions if installed on plant and equipment.

The system can be customised to meet the individual needs and requirements of your business, so it can be set up locally in compliance with local regulations.

The Helios system consists of worldwide maps, enabling users to localise work in every selected region, for either local or cross-border use. This is a great benefit for fleet managers who overlook cross-border journeys of vehicles and equipment.

  • Provides Geo-fencing alerts in real time to highlight changes in location.
  • Remote and local Immobilisation is available using FOB or keypad for security and driver identification.
  • Waterproof, low voltage all-in-one unit with advanced features.
  • Sleek design, compact in size and can be easily hidden in vehicles and plant.
  • Device has active tow alert (in the event of vehicle theft).
  • Ensures constant communication and an accountable long lasting performance.
  • GPS uses very low power consumption and automatically switches to power saving mode when necessary.
  • Can be accessed anywhere using any technological device; tablet, mobile device or PC.

The Helios TT is not like regular GPS vehicle tracking systems. It is an advanced management system built to not only last longer but incorporates superior military grade components and technology! 


If something happens to your vehicle, we can help you recover it quickly.

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