The perfect GPS tracking device for fleet managers to keep track of their vehicles.

Helios Advanced software - One system - integrated Management software

The Helios Advanced has all of the features you need, like advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities with security measures in place.

It is an essential tool for any fleet, even those based out in the most remote locations, and is used in applications requiring constant communication around the world. The Helios Advanced is an ideal solution for use in remote land areas, as well as for mining or construction sites. It also provides geo-fencing alerts in real time to highlight changes in location as required.

This device is an innovative way to utilise all available communication network resources, whether cellular or satellite. The best part is that you will be able to use it without paying a premium in transmission costs.

The Helios Advanced is the perfect solution for fleet managers looking to save time and money with their daily operations. Everything you need to run a successful fleet management, vehicle security and driver safety system can be found in this device.

We can help keep your vehicle secure from anywhere!

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